Accenture + Alibaba

Redefining next generation industries with digital transformation.

Accenture and Alibaba, a unique partnership

Combining the best of two worlds, Accenture Alibaba Business Group (ABG) aims to realize the vision of the Accenture-Alibaba partnership. ABG helps clients redefine industries, by using our cloud native solutions and diverse uses of technology to help clients grow, and our digital transformation expertise to help clients achieve breakthrough.

End-to-end solutions based on Alibaba Cloud


Lushang Group: Double down for business growth

Lushang Group, a state-owned cross-industry industrial company faced multiple challenges due to digital disruption and needed to respond to the government’s call for digital transformation.

Executive leadership recognized that as the company grew rapidly in recent years, they needed to find a way to create synergy internally and drive company-wide innovation. They decided to make digital transformation and big data a strategic priority.

They created a big data operation center, and made it a high priority on the CEO’s agenda. By partnering with Alibaba and Accenture, Lushang launched a data middle-platform and digital application projects, to do better planning for scenarios in different industries, integrate data assets and build pilots for industrial intelligence operation pilots, as well as retail innovation.

The best of two worlds, together, greater than ever

ABG integrates Accenture's global industry insights with end-to-end strategy & consulting, interactive, technology and operations capabilities, offering one-stop solutions based on Alibaba Cloud infrastructure.

Alibaba Cloud: No.1 in China with a 43% market share. No. 3 world wide in IaaS market with a 9.5% market share (2020).

Accenture: Unmatched experience and specialized skills across more than 40 industries and all business functions.

Broad range of services in strategy and consulting, interactive, technology and operations, expertise in complex transformation of large enterprises.

Alibaba Business Operating System: one-stop solution for companies to engage with consumers.

Largest independent technology services provider, with over 50 delivery centers globally.

Global leader in artificial intelligence, automation, application services, and enterprise cloud provider.

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