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I, technologist: The democratization of technology

June 14, 2021 5-MINUTE READ


of public service respondents believe technology democratization is becoming critical in their ability to ignite innovation across their organization – only one point less than the private sector.


of public service leaders agree that organizations equipping their people with tools of technology democratization are building the foundation for greater agility.

Government agencies can lean on technology democratization to circumvent the skills gap.

Build in trust


of public service respondents expect moderate or significant investments in non-IT employees’ technology democratization training next year.


of public service respondents agree such training strategies must include a focus on security and data governance.

About the Authors

Ryan Oakes

Global Health & Public Service Industry Practices Chair

Valerie Armbrust

Public Service Technology and Cloud Lead

Eyal Darmon

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Public Service