Welcome, change. Embrace HR transformation.

Accenture + Workday can help HR seamlessly evolve with your organization and position it as a driver of business growth

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HR is not static. It’s a continuous journey.

We believe the key to unlocking the value of HR is seeing it as an ongoing journey. It is entwined with company culture and attitudes, but, most importantly, its goals are always changing. So, a true HR transformation needs to embrace innovation and agility to align the culture and goals of the business around change.

Changing a mindset, not just deploying a platform

We offer comprehensive solutions that give you visibility into complex talent challenges and allow you to be proactive and agile in response to the shifting world of work.

Reinvent your business

With our knowledge of transformation, and the flexibility of the Workday platform, we can deliver simple HR solutions to help you embrace change.

Get to value, faster

Our partnership enables you to turn visionary transformations into practical benefits, so you can deliver fast, tangible results for your people.

A pioneering partnership

We work closely with Workday to continuously improve our offering. So, you benefit from the latest capabilities as they are released.

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Honing your digital edge with Workday

Accenture’s leaders draw on our latest digital transformation research: Honing your digital edge and discuss how the Workday platform increases the digital agility that is key to organizations’ future survival and growth.

The value realized from embracing change and modernizing HR

Change has been forced upon enterprises due to the pandemic. Now, as businesses move forward at speed to keep pace, they need to figure out just as quickly how to improve performance in a digitally-enabled environment.

True digital transformation is essential, empowering an organization to be more efficient and ready for change, by creating new experiences for customers and workers alike.

To be truly successful, workforces need access to digital tools and training – but also the right leadership and cultural support – to unlock their full potential and ingenuity.

As Human Resources finds itself at a crossroads, the pivotal role played by HR has never been clearer. To be truly successful, your business needs to embrace change and modernize its HR mindset.

Follow our recommendations, and you can emerge stronger in a digital world, to not just survive but to thrive.

Power in the hands of your people

A solution is only a ‘strategy’ when it reflects the unique identity of your organization and allows you to embrace change. This is why, to deliver a simple and powerful HR transformation, we bring the depth and breadth of Accenture to every project, giving you access to our full range of assets, methodologies, people and relationships.

Together, armed with these resources, we give your business the power to unlock its full potential, and we give your people the ability to manage their journey within it. Using automation and data analytics, we’ll also make the right skills and resources visible when and where they’re needed.

Leaders are taking more responsibility for workers’ holistic well-being and are actively seeking to earn their trust. Employees are expecting more from employers, particularly as they anticipate a post-pandemic world. Discover how our ground-breaking research found that by meeting six fundamental human needs through work, companies unlock their people’s full potential. Learn more.

Case studies

The university transformed its HR and workforce experience, replacing manual processes and three legacy applications with a single Workday app.

An agile new cloud solution ensures responsiveness and readiness for future retail revolutions.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute transforms critical functions to equal its world-class degree programs, ensuring a clear view of its students.

First-ever global Workday deployment with HR, payroll, finance, grants and adaptive planning helps preserve nature.

Workday Human Capital Management transforms HR for Nikkei Inc., bringing analytics to decision-making.

Cloud-based solution, Workday, integrates HR operations for Canadian biotech, boosting efficiency and creating a more engaging work environment.

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