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Global delivery network

Our differentiation

Innovation and creativity—coupled with speed and agility

We help clients use the power of new tech to anticipate and respond to change faster to seize new opportunities, enter new markets, speed to market and outperform competitors.

Asset-led Strategy

We drive productivity and speed by automating tasks through Accenture myWizard®, Accenture MyConcerto, and Accenture SynOps focusing employees on more strategic work.

Business outcomes

Our delivery teams offer clients technology-enabled, secure, agile business services that can be plugged in to deliver business outcomes at scale.

Global reach

We deliver innovation-led business outcomes-driven work across our delivery centers, Accenture offices and client locations across 120 countries.

Seamless execution

We execute and scale innovation for our clients seamlessly with high quality and reliability across every dimension of our business.


In more than 40 industries, we have skilled professionals with deep industry, technology, business and process skills and capabilities across custom systems, every leading technology platform and the emerging technologies.

Top talent

We are an innovation-led company that attracts top talent with expansive learning and career growth opportunities.


Our people are energized by our culture of innovation as they work collaboratively and dynamically across multi-client and client-specific teams to drive business outcomes.

Oil and gas company improves productivity by 45%

How data-driven supply chain, finance and HR operations helped increase agility.

AXA’s claims in the cloud

Building cutting-edge AWS insurance capabilities.

What we think

Technology Vision 2024

Technology is becoming more human by design. The organizations who adopt and refine this emerging tech today will be poised for success tomorrow.

Is your organization equipped for breakthrough innovation?

Cloud, AI and the metaverse are accelerating reinvention strategies. We show how to use them to scale breakthrough innovation.

Metaverse: evolution, then resolution

The metaverse is changing how we experience the internet.

Awards & Recognitions

Recognized as a global business leader

Our leaders

Mahesh V. Zurale

Global Lead – Advanced Technology Centers Global Network and Lead – Advanced Technology Centers, India

Arundhati Chakraborty

Global Lead – Delivery and Transformation, Operations

Benedict Hernandez

Global Delivery Lead – Operations

Ade Ojediran

Lead – Advanced Technology Centers, North America

Alexandre Grizagoridis

Lead – Intelligent Operations Centers, Latin America

Ambe Tierro

Country Managing Director – Accenture in the Philippines and Lead – Advanced Technology Centers, Philippines, and Asia Pacific

Kim Karstensen

Lead – Intelligent Operations Centers, Europe

Jal Master

Lead – Intelligent Operations Centers, India

Luis Fernando Silva

Lead – Advanced Technology Centers, Latin America

Martijn Smit

Lead – Advanced Technology Centers, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Ramachandran Ariyur

Lead – Intelligent Operations Centers, Asia Pacific, and Africa

Sean Riley

Lead – Intelligent Operations Centers, North America

Sumit Sapra

Lead – Intelligent Operations Centers, Philippines