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How security guides your path in the cloud

June 22, 2022


In brief

Flexing security


of CISOs said they don’t have the skills needed to move into the cloud.

Security blind spots

Choosing your route

Cloud journey

Move to a primary cloud provider in a SaaS, IaaS and PaaS environment to expand footprint.

Security focus

Optimize integration and incremental change, with security that adds to your existing tool suite; work in native environments and infuse that into tools your teams already know; involves software engineering policy as code (DevSecOps).

Cloud journey

Move to a hybrid/multi-cloud environment; more complex but provides longer-term resilience.

Security focus

Disrupt and modernize complex systems; take on more strategic, forward-looking activities, such as adopting zero trust to transform the network security approach; initiate talent and culture shifts and changes to underlying security architecture.

Security is the compass that helps guide effective decisions along the cloud journey.

Use security as a compass

Align security with the business

Make sure that CISOs and their security teams are deeply aligned and instigate business outcomes using security as the enabler to drive the cloud journey.

Be secure by design

Use technology as a lever to integrate and automate security solutions and steer toward a cloud native architecture.

Lean in to your ecosystem

Pause along the journey to engage with your strategic vendors and security peers and benefit from insights and industry expertise

Gretchen Myers