Organizations can climb in operational maturity with an agile workforce. And those that are future-ready are already taking steps to redesign how their people work and invest in the skills required to work differently.

Build ecosystem relationships

Partners offer specialized capabilities. For example, if a skills review doesn’t find the appropriate talent when promoting internally or within the local labor market, an ecosystem partner could effectively bring those skills within closer reach.


of CEOs report that their ecosystem partnerships have improved over the past three years.


of HR leaders​ said that their ecosystem partnerships have improved over the past three years, suggesting a noteworthy reliance on ecosystem partners to support their people.

For both CEOs and other leaders, major disruptions such as COVID-19 and the accelerating pace of business have kept the need to focus on ecosystem relationships top of mind.

Sustain workforce digital readiness

Companies that scaled back on real estate during the pandemic are now reallocating those funds by investing heavily in digital technologies (62%), and by hiring and upskilling talent (47%) 1. And for organizations returning to the workplace, there’s an even stronger emphasis around digital technology and skills.

But because technology isn’t static, enterprises would need a culture that encourages continuous learning to address potential digital skill gaps.

Create a culture designed to outpace and outperform

Workforces with high digital readiness will be able to adapt swiftly to the next unknown. So now is the time to make your move to intelligent operations. Here’s how:

  • Foster an agile and skilled workforce that enables true human ingenuity.
  • Fill in the skills gaps through re-skilling and upskilling and thereby enabling the workforce to be Future-ready within the organization and beyond.
  • Break down functional silos across the organization; workforce transformation impacts all employees.
  • Enhance intuition with the highest-quality, diverse data that powers your decision-making.
  • Build complementary third-party and ecosystem relationships.
  • Think big and go beyond incremental change.

1 COVID-19 CXO Pulse Survey, Wave 3, January 2021​

When people are valued for their ingenuity and given the technology, data and processes needed to perform at their best, organizations will see greater productivity, engagement and retention. Intelligent HR operations can enable people to bring out their most creative, agile and innovative selves.

Jill K. Goldstein

Talent and HR Business Process Services Lead


Fast-track to future-ready performance

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