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In brief

Accenture’s “Seven Rs” methodology

1. Retire

Determine which applications are no longer needed and can be decommissioned.

2. Retain

Identify applications which lack a cloud business case or will be too challenging to migrate.

3. Replace

Look for custom-built applications which can be switched out with market-leading SaaS or COTS solutions (such as those from Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP, Oracle and others) whose innovation cycles will inevitably outpace in-house development.

4. Rehost

Take advantage of the accelerated innovation offered by the hyper-scalers, as well as hybrid and private cloud infrastructure solutions. Rehost applications and data that can be moved seamlessly.

5. Replatform

Replatform those that require some modification.

6. Refactor

Refactor those that need significant changes (digitally decoupling where appropriate).

7. Reimagine

Step back and rethink how applications and data can be rebuilt using cloud native methodologies, patterns and technologies to dramatically enhance the value IT can deliver to the business in order to differentiate, better compete and disrupt markets.

Hybrid cloud: Optimizing workload and data placement

Establishing a primary hyper-scaler is usually the best bet

Hybrid offers the best of both worlds

Lines are blurring between public and private clouds

Another consideration: Optimizing the run

Deploy and manage: Getting started with hybrid cloud

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