I moved here from Nigeria when I was 14. So, I definitely have different levels of home. First there’s home, then there’s home home and then there’s home home home. Home being my flat in London, home home my parent’s place in West Midlands, and home home home being Nigeria. And that’s how it is for me.

These places are all part of who I am. And in every place, I’ve been surrounded by women. My whole life, I’ve been so lucky to have women around me who are so courageous. Starting with my mum. She’s not a super corporate woman, but she’s achieved so much in personal life. My grandmother who fought for a good education, despite the social stigma. The girls I boarded with back at Queen’s College in Nigeria.

What I’ve learned from these women, in all these places, has massively influenced my identity. I look at what they have done, and still do, and it empowers me to believe I can do amazing things like them.

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Moyinoluwa Apapa

Data Architecture Consultant


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