Governance principles

Accenture is committed to governance policies and practices that serve the interests of the company and its shareholders.


The board of directors (the "Board") is responsible for providing governance and oversight over the strategy, operations and management of Accenture. The primary mission of the Board is to represent and protect the interests of our shareholders. The Board oversees our senior management, to whom it has delegated the authority to manage the day-to-day operations of the company.

The Board has adopted Corporate Governance Guidelines, committee charters and a Code of Business Ethics which, together with our Memorandum and Articles of Association, form the governance framework for the Board and its Committees. The Board regularly (and at least annually) reviews its Corporate Governance Guidelines and other corporate governance documents and from time to time revises them when it believes it serves the interests of the company and its shareholders to do so and in response to changing regulatory and governance requirements and best practices.

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