Ray Iramaneerat

Data Science Senior Manager

Bangkok, Thailand

"Working at Accenture Applied Intelligence as a data scientist lets me focus on my strengths such as critical thinking, technical acumen and creativity. My role enables me to collaborate with the entire Accenture Applied Intelligence team. The group includes global data architects, data engineers, artificial intelligence (AI) engineers and the product design team.
Applied Intelligence at Accenture is all about solving problems at scale through AI, strategy and collaboration."

What I do

I help clients use data to solve their business problems. I’m lucky to lead very talented data scientists who all enjoy applying their data skills to create real impact.

When problem-solving using data science, we first identify the client’s problems. We then collaborate with industry experts from across Accenture to create a solution. Working with a huge volume of data can be challenging, but when our insights give everyone in the boardroom an “aha” moment, we know we’ve reached our goal. Those priceless moments make me appreciate the power of collaboration and One Accenture.

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A day in my life

We deploy our people to a team composed of members with diverse skills, making sure that the mix of talent and capabilities suits the problems we’re solving. Just like start-ups, the Accenture Applied Intelligence team lives and breathes Agile methodology. It’s a process in which we continuously discover, analyze, build and revise to create the best solution. This approach ensures quality outputs at speed.

At the end of each sprint, we extensively discuss a solution’s benefits, focusing on value to customers, then collate all the learning, and use them in planning the next sprints.

Recently a large convenience store chain asked us to forecast sales of new potential locations and simulate the impact of building new shops on their existing stores in the same areas. After collaborating with retail experts, operation gurus, geographic information systems (GIS) data services and data scientists, we came up with machine learning models that utilize map data and identify stores that will be impacted by the new shops. The machine learning models also showed how much money and how many customers would be impacted for each store. We shared our insights without using PowerPoint. We did it all through a data visualization tool, allowing our data to tell the story. It was rewarding to see business leaders agreeing to our recommendations and making decisions based on the fruits of our collaboration.

When I’m not at work, I join triathlons, Olympic-distance races and marathons. My passion for data science goes beyond work. I enjoy logging all my training data using GPS and sensor technologies and regularly analyzing my performance. To date, I’ve accumulated 12,000 kilometers through swimming, biking and running combined, which is the distance between Bangkok, Thailand and San Francisco, USA.

"Just like start-ups, the Accenture Applied Intelligence team lives and breathes Agile methodology. It’s a process in which we continuously discover, analyze, build and revise to create the best solution."

My advice

Take every opportunity to learn new things. Through the Internet, it’s easy to create your learning strategy and keep up with innovations. I believe that technologies today can be easily replaced with something new. Take Machine Learning programming for example. I sense that something new will replace it sooner than we think. Learning new technologies and knowing how to apply them are some of the most important skills for a data scientist.

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