Sustainability Services

Together with our partners, we help our clients reinvent their businesses at scale, creating business value and sustainable impact for all stakeholders.

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The Accenture sustainability value promise

We embed sustainability into everything we do and with everyone we work with.

The sustainability imperative

As stakeholders demand more environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts, regulations tighten and consumers increasingly expect brands to take action, organizations must now demonstrate that they are purposeful about sustainability, hold strong ethical standards and operate responsibly in everything they do.

Increasingly, companies and brands are turning to their partners—and to technology and innovation—to integrate sustainability and create meaningful change that’s good for business, society and the planet. Our dedicated teams bring deep experience and industry expertise to develop and implement strategies, operating models, processes, and technologies to help our clients around the world create business value and sustainable impact, enabled by technology and human ingenuity. Together with our partners, we’re helping to solve the biggest problems our clients and the world face to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and tackle climate change.

Now is the time for collaboration—for business to partner with government and society to reimagine, rebuild and transform our global economy into one that benefits all stakeholders.

Accenture highlights how leaders can manage and measure sustainable performance for long-term value and impact.

Accenture acquires Avieco

Strengthening out Accenture Sustainability Value Promise

"Today’s rapid acceleration to digital presents us with a breakthrough opportunity to create a more sustainable future."


UNGC-Accenture CEO Study on Sustainability

Climate leadership in the eleventh hour

Our latest study on Sustainability shares opportunities and challenges for leaders to address the climate crisis.


Rising to the challenge

From strategy to execution our portfolio of services is designed to help you tackle your greatest sustainability challenges and realize the competitive advantage and impact at scale that sustainability brings:

Net Zero Transitions

Transitioning to net-zero is increasingly a priority for all businesses. Entire industries are now urgently looking at how they can reinvent their end-to-end value chains for a sustainable future. Accenture helps with solutions to reduce carbon emissions, from buildings to transport to energy systems to cities while driving social and economic benefits.

Sustainable Value Chain

Organizations are facing a new wave of pressure and urgency to reimagine their value chains to optimize for business value and sustainable impact. Accenture designs for impact by helping organizations to embed sustainability into every stage of the value chain to deliver trusted, net-zero and circular value chains. Read more.

Sustainable Technology

Digital technology is a true enabler of sustainability— and we understand first-hand the vast promise of technology as well as the need to decouple the growth of emissions from growing technology adoption. Accenture enables organizations to use technology more sustainably while also using technology as a vehicle to drive sustainability across the organization, operations, supply chains and ecosystem. Read more.

Sustainability Measurement, Analytics and Performance

As citizens, employees, stakeholders and regulatory bodies increasingly demand businesses to become more sustainable, measuring and reporting ESG performance has become an imperative. Accenture provides the tools, technology, and methodologies to help businesses embed sustainability data, decision-making and performance into everything they do in order to effectively measure business value and sustainable impact for all stakeholders. Read more.

Sustainable Leadership and Organization

Organizations are increasingly pursuing more sustainable business models because it is the right thing to do. This shift also offers financial and competitive value to companies that make ESG and sustainability a priority at all levels of the organization. Accenture helps business leaders build sustainability into everything they do, creating intelligent organizations that are sustainable at their core.

Sustainable Customer Experience and Brand

From the brands they admire to the products and services they actually choose, consumers are increasingly conscious of sustainability. But while many have the best intentions, they are not always likely to change their behaviors. Accenture combines deep insight and experience with technology to help clients convert their customers’ intentions into new behaviors by delivering sustainable customer experiences that meet consumers where they are on their sustainability journeys while shifting perceptions about a brand’s commitment to sustainability.

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Finance at Accenture

Elevating Accenture’s ESG reporting

Affirming our commitment to transparency and accountability to our ESG goals and progress.


Client case studies

COVID-19 has created once-unimaginable challenges—but it also has awakened the world to an incredible opportunity to reimagine and rebuild. We have deep experience helping clients improve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, raise the bar on purpose, and embed responsible business—including sustainability—by design.

Swiss eco-tech Climeworks has an ambitious vision. To achieve it, they need to scale.

H&M Foundation fashions positive change with the Billion Dollar Collection.

A large mining company discovered how a cloud migration could unlock business-wide value, including...

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"As we get closer to achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, I am extremely encouraged to see our clients and partners putting increased focus on sustainability, and am excited to help them set and achieve breakthrough sustainability goals."

— Peter Lacy, Chief Responsibility Officer and Global Sustainability Services Lead

Built for change

Shaping the sustainable organization

Partners spotlight

At Accenture we work closely with our partners to help our clients achieve their sustainability objectives and deliver outcomes. We work with a range of different partners from the largest software and cloud companies to small, disruptive innovators.

We also work with global organizations such as the World Economic Forum, the United Nations Global Compact and World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

In addition, we have taken strategic minority investments in businesses such as Arabesque S-Ray to accelerate our clients’ ability to benchmark and evaluate sustainability impacts, and Reactive Technologies to help utilities accelerate the transition to low-carbon energy.

Sustainability blogs

Discover sustainability stories from our leading bloggers. From strategy and industry perspectives to enabling technologies, this is the place where new ideas come alive.

ESG Reporting – A High Tech CFO’s Imperative

As companies are being judged on ESG performance, the CFO must step up to create a responsible business framework.

Delivering responsible travel

Accenture’s Jesko Neuenburg explores the factors travel companies need to take into account to become responsible companies.

2022 must be the year of action

Accenture explores five imperatives to guide energy companies seeking to transform and become leaders in the industry—and in the energy transition.

Our leaders


Aligning digital transformation strategies with climate goals?

Peter Lacy comments on the opportunity to align technology and sustainability.

SAP and Accenture aim for a circular, regenerative economy

SAP announces a new solution, co-developed with Accenture that emphasizes the need for regenerative practices alongside the reduce-reuse-recycle formula.

5 actions for a sustainable supply chain

Accenture research on how the use of technology can help companies reduce, reuse, recycle and use reclaimed materials to minimize waste and ultimately adopt a circular business model is referenced.

Join us and do extraordinary things

As part of our mission, Accenture is infusing sustainability into everything we do and everyone we work with. Through the combination of human ingenuity and technology we’re making sustainability a force for change. Join our talented collection of thinkers and doers to help build a more sustainable world.