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A new era of generative AI for everyone

marca 22, 2023 10-minút čítania


In brief

Welcome to AI’s new inflection point

Generative AI for everyone


Generative AI and LLM applications are ready to consume and easy to access. Companies can consume them through APIs and tailor them, to a small degree, for their own use cases through prompt engineering techniques such as prompt tuning and prefix learning.


To increase the value of generative AI and foundation models in specific business use cases, companies will increasingly customize pretrained models by fine-tuning them with their own data—unlocking new performance frontiers.


of global executives agree AI foundation models will play an important role in their organizations’ strategies in the next 3 to 5 years.


of all working hours can be impacted by large language models (LLMs) like GPT-4.

A look ahead at the fast-paced evolution of technology, regulation and business

The technology stack

Each layer of the generative AI tech stack (applications, fine-tuning, foundation models, data and infrastructure) will rapidly evolve – as the technology matures and as the compute demands grow exponentially. Cost and carbon emissions are central considerations in adopting energy-intensive generative AI.

The risk and regulatory environment

ChatGPT raises important questions about the responsible use of AI. The speed of technology evolution and adoption requires companies to pay close attention to any legal, ethical and reputational risks they may be incurring. They will have to answer key questions on intellectual property, data privacy and security, discrimination, product liability, trust and identity.

The scale of adoption in business

Companies must reinvent work to find a path to generative AI value. Business leaders must lead the change, starting now, in job redesign, task redesign and reskilling people. Ultimately, every role in an enterprise has the potential to be reinvented, once today’s jobs are decomposed into tasks that can be automated or assisted and reimagined for a new future of human + machine work.


LLMs will impact every category, ranging from 9% of a workday at the low end to 63% at the high end.

How to capitalize on this step-change in AI capabilities?


Language tasks account for 51% of the total time employees work.


of companies want to make a large investment in ChatGPT in 2023.

The future of AI is accelerating

About the Authors

Paul Daugherty

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

Bhaskar Ghosh

Chief Strategy Officer

Karthik Narain

Group Chief Executive – Technology

Lan Guan

Chief AI Officer

Jim Wilson

Global Managing Director – Thought Leadership & Technology Research