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Total Enterprise Reinvention

januára 16, 2023 5-minút čítania


In brief

The new imperative

The time is now

Setting a new performance frontier

Financial impact

Reinventors report higher incremental revenue growth, higher cost-reduction improvements and higher balance-sheet improvements.

Technology speed to results

66% of Reinventors say the delivery of their reinvention strategy is happening significantly faster relative to past transformations.

360° value

76% of Reinventors say setting non-financial targets is very important, compared with 32% for Transformers and 10% for Optimizers.

Total Enterprise Reinvention:

Six differentiating features


of survey respondents agree technology in general now plays, and will continue to play, a critical role in both their reinvention strategy and in transformation programs for their organization.


of Reinventors are monitoring and screening next-gen intelligence technologies.


of the executives we surveyed are still focused on matching existing best practices in their industry and see that goal as the full potential they can hope to achieve.


of Reinventors say upskilling and reskilling employees with tools and capabilities needed to speed up execution were most important to the successful deliver of their reinvention strategy.


of executives expect that the focus on the interconnectedness of functions across their organization will increase over the next two years.


of Reinventors say that they reprioritize existing initiatives and add new ones to their reinvention strategy as part of core planning processes in support of a philosophy of continuous reinvention.

Becoming a Reinventor

About the Authors

Julie Sweet

Chair & CEO

Jack Azagury

Group Chief Executive – Strategy & Consulting

Bhaskar Ghosh

Chief Strategy Officer

Trevor Gruzin

Senior Managing Director – Growth & Strategy, Growth Markets

Oliver Wright

Senior Managing Director – Consumer Goods & Services, Global Lead

Mike Moore

Principal Director – Accenture Research