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The CHRO as a growth executive

Focusing the power of data, tech and people to accelerate reinvention—and a new vision for growth.

januára 17, 2023 5-minút čítania


In brief

Setting sights on new growth


top-line productivity premium when unlocking the growth combination of data, tech and people.


top-line productivity premium when unlocking data and tech alone.


Of CEOs say their CHRO should have a central role in ensuring long-term profitable growth.


Of CHROs have both the profile and the conditions they need to act as High-Res CHROs.

How to spot a High-Res CHRO

How to support a High-Res CHRO

Putting the forces of change to work

Are you ready to join the 5%?

“You need to look at your CHRO as being a business leader who’s driving your growth and reinvention. And you need to empower them to follow through on that mandate.”

— JULIE SWEET, Accenture CEO

Chief Leadership & Human Resources Officer

Yusuf Tayob

Group Chief Executive – Operations

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Talent & organization / human potential

Helping leaders create transformation by enriching the relationship between people and technology.

Intelligent operations

Human + machine intelligence building new ways to embrace change and grow.