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Achieve high sales and distribution performance in fast-moving and fragmented marketplaces with Accenture NewsPage.

Capture growth in emerging markets

With over 25 million under-served mom and pop stores and the largest digitally connect consumer population, Asia remains one of the most complex yet rewarding markets.

Forward looking companies who can increase their reach and unlock opportunities through data-driven insights and seamless execution will be able to increase their competitive edge in these markets.

Accenture NewsPage provides an integrated view of consumer trends, secondary demand and supply chain management signals to help companies thrive in the experience economy and accelerate growth across emerging markets ⁠— Asia-Pacific, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America. 

Integrated route-to-market solution

NewsPage is a comprehensive solution for consumer goods and services industry

Distribution management

Enhance the distribution market coverage across traditional, modern, rural, and urban stores.

Sales force automation

Optimise sales force through route optimisation and targeted next best action recommendations.


Integrate your data into a single source of truth for better merchandising management.

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Why Accenture NewsPage?

NewsPage helps consumer packaged goods companies streamline route-to-market operations across the value chain.

Single version of truth

Accurate real-time information from the marketplace – from traditional and modern retail channels, to promotion and sales – to make better decisions.

Meet the right customers at the right time

Meet your customers with the right promotions and stock, optimize your route plans, and make the most of each interaction through AI-based selling.

Support your distributors

Empower your distributors with the tools they need to scale their operations - including inventory management, credit management, and invoicing.

Revenue growth management

Increase sales volume through deeper insights into the stores’ needs and transparency across the supply chain to improve efficiency and lower cost.

Increase your touchpoints

Reach untapped outlets and gain control of the largest, most complex networks – whether rural or urban, huge outlet or sole-trader on a market stall.

Simplified IT landscape

Designed to grow with your business, you can integrate NewsPage to your backend system, enabling real-time supply chain visibility.

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Scale the solution based on your needs

Accenture NewsPage is available in two platforms for you to select from based on your business needs.

Available on-prem or on a managed hosting platform, you can enable flexible, customisable upgrades based on your needs.

SaaS offering hosted on SAP Cloud Platform allows you to tap into the newest features.

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NewsPage on-premise / managed hosting

Rated a best-in-class solution for distribution management, flexible-hosting model gives you an additional edge through customisable features and integrations.

Benefits of flexible-hosting model

Flexible upgrade timings

Control your upgrade timings based on your needs.

Wide-ranging DMS support

Flexible-hosting model supports centralised, decentralised, and hybrid DMS models.

Flexible hosting

Choose your ideal hosting model – on-premise, private cloud platform, or Accenture-hosted public cloud.

Flexible customisations

Enjoy the flexibility in customising in terms of data models, user interfaces, business logic, and integration with other systems.

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NewsPage on SAP Cloud Platform

Experience NewsPage 9 on SAP Cloud Platform

Benefits of SAP Cloud Platform

Multiple-tenant SaaS solution

Benefit from ongoing enhancements to features and functionalities.

Seamless SAP integration

Integrate NewsPage with existing SAP system easily.

Real-time supply chain visibility

SAP integration allows real-time view across supply chain.

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Connecting consumer goods companies to emerging markets

The most mobile region in the world, Asia has over 25 million under-served retail outlets representing a huge opportunity for companies.


users serving over 5,000 distributors


retail outlets across 60 countries

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