In brief

In brief

  • Distributors of multiple brands of consumer packaged goods (CPG) need effective route-to-market solutions in Africa and the APAC region.
  • Currently, many of them use non-standardized, localized RTM solutions making it challenging for them to optimize sales and distribution.
  • Siloed distribution systems cannot build and manage ecommerce capabilities for efficient order management or remove market credit bottlenecks.
  • These challenges could be addressed with a single end-to-end platform—a next generation RTM solution.

The bane of multiple systems

Disruptive models of the “born-in-the new” companies like Alipay, Amazon, and Lazada are increasingly compelling global consumer packaged goods (CPG) players to digitize their Route to Market (RTM) capabilities.

Many of these CPG players are using distribution management systems (DMS), salesforce automation (SFA), retailer ordering apps, and digital merchandising and audit tools as RTM solutions to improve distribution efficiency and reduce costs.

But do these multiple solutions help large distributors who simultaneously manage several brands from different non-competing CPG companies their most promising market—the APAC region?

First of all, these diverse systems become a challenge to enhance, upgrade and manage across countries. This use of multiple systems inhibits the integration of cross-market learnings as well as the use of shared cross-market capabilities like data analytics and targeted frontline training programs.

Multiple systems imply complex processes and duplicated workflows that slow down business development.

Then there are maintenance requirements and software upgrades that companies must keep up with. Not surprisingly, many CPGs end up with siloed, fragmented and sub-optimal solutions.

Piece meal attempts at digitizing the RTM with separate distribution management systems and Sales Force Automation systems may limit agility and growth as distributors juggle brands and logistical issues.

A platform solution with a single interoperable interface is the need of the hour

Distributors need a single interoperable interface such as an end-to-end platform solution to manage the complexities of emerging markets. They must be able to operate efficiently in an ecosystem, capture new consumption in both traditional trade and in complex multi-layered markets, and even participate in areas such as retail credit and digital payments.

CPGs need a platform solution that can support multiple tenants and different market archetypes, while allowing for customization for users.

A next generation multi-tenant, multi-principle RTM platform would create a standardized workflow and provide markets an integrated view of their business, regardless of local market needs.

Such a platform would help brands scale and improve performance. As the backend remains the same across brands, the platform would enable quicker upgrades. The RTM platform could improve decision making and drive faster responses from brands while protecting confidentiality of each company’s data such as outlet details and order information.

How companies benefited from cloud-based platforms

Scalability: 75% quicker store opening for an Indian modern furniture company
Quicker updates: 30% increase in productivity of technical department for a global beverage company
Better service support: 25% increased customer satisfaction using automation and better ticket management for an office products company
Innovations: 48% increase in volumes utilizing customer data for insights for a global alco-beverage company
Increased efficiency and speeds: 15% increase in leads conversion for an Indian tire manufacturer
Easy onboarding of customers: 15000 customers onboarded in just three months for a global spices and condiments company

A next generation global RTM platform for speed to market, improved sales productivity and analytical insights for decision making

Accenture and SAP created NewsPage 9 as an end-to-end platform designed specifically for fast-growth markets of the ASEAN, China, India and Africa. As an integrated distributor management and sales automation system, Newspage 9, supports distributors with multiple tenants and principles, allowing for easier DMS updates and upgrades. It optimizes the existing RTM functionalities and builds an environment for open collaboration between all RTM entities.

It leverages advanced technologies such as IoT, Block Chain to help companies differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market with innovative business models or processes.

BV Sriraman

Managing Director – AAPAC Products


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