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Competitive Agility

What It Is

Companies that achieve mastery of competitive agility execute with equal strength across growth, profitability, and sustainability and trust.

Why It Matters

Companies must manage the core to maximize investment for the new and fundamentally re-align resources for growth.

Where It's Going

Competitive agility is demanded from the outside and driven from the inside. Leaders who act with speed and confidence turn disruption into opportunity.


See how "Reinventors" are setting a new performance frontier for their companies–and entire industries.

Zero-based transformation: The big reset

Accenture outlines how zero-based transformation enables companies to reimagine the business, reset cost base and invest in new...

Inflation: What CEOs need to do now

With inflation hitting a 40-year high, CEOs need to transform costs with a zero-based approach.

Mindsets matter: Are your leaders on board?

Explore the four employee mindsets and the challenges they present to the C-Suite when launching change initiatives.

Reinventing for resilience: A CEO's guide

What makes some companies more resilient than others? Read the new report to find out.

Unlock greater value with a data-driven operating model

Companies often get low value from data due to their op model. Accenture’s Sam Holmes recommends 5 actions to start realizing greater value from data.

The resilient operating model

Building organizational agility and resiliency to respond to continuously changing markets and customer behaviors.

The secrets to seizing value from divestitures 

Divestitures are an underutilized lever for growth and reinvention. Do executives know how to let go to grow? Read more.

A new playbook for today’s M&A deals

As firms focus their M&A more on growth, only few adapt their playbook. Accenture identifies 4 behaviors that help capture the full value potential.

Here’s why tech is so important to the M&A genome

Accenture shares why a holistic approach to technology is essential to maximizing value in merger and acquisition deals.

Conquering the next value frontier in private equity

With deals becoming more complex, new value creation approaches are needed to continue to deliver outpaced returns. Read more.

Private equity: Four paths to accelerating value

In the current challenging deal environment, how can PE firms create value? Accenture’s Jay Scanlan looks at how a new approach is required for success.

Private equity and the rising cost of cyberattacks

Private equity is a prime target for cyberattacks. Firms can mitigate the risks, painlessly and without sacrificing speed.

Accelerating global companies toward net zero by 2050

84% of companies plan to increase investment in sustainability by the end of 2022.

Measuring sustainability. Creating value

Accenture highlights how leaders can manage and measure sustainable performance for long-term value and impact.

Reduce energy demand with net-zero buildings

Three ways to accelerate energy efficiency and make the shift to net-zero buildings with digital technology.


Unlocking the Global Pathways to Resilience, Growth, and Sustainability for 2030.