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New technology is rapidly changing the way work is being done—and how it will be done in the future. Skills that were relevant five years ago may not be relevant in five months, and certainly not in five years. In fact, the World Economic Forum estimates that by 2025, 85 million jobs may be displaced by machines. But, 97 million new roles may also emerge due to a new imperative for people and technology to work together. Never has there been a more urgent need for organizations to think ahead and provide their people with the resources to prepare for these new opportunities.

Solutions.AI for Talent & Skilling, in collaboration with our premier ecosystem partners, provides organizations with the insights, content, design and delivery experiences that can help their people access and acquire new skills, faster. Accenture’s data-driven insights and responsible AI capabilities, along with our ability to integrate across a robust landscape of ecosystem partners, enables companies to assess roles and skills within their organization against their competition and broader industry, anticipate gaps, identify role pathways and learning sequences, and help personalize learning programs based on their people's needs.

With continuous learning, employees can embrace new ways of working, ultimately helping organizations diversify skills across the workforce and ensure their people—and their business—not only stay relevant, but also grow through change.

Solutions.AI for Talent & Skilling Explained

Solutions.AI for Talent & Skilling At a Glance

"It is critical that business take an active role in supporting their existing workforces through reskilling and upskilling, that individuals take a proactive approach to their own lifelong learning…"

— KLAUS SCHWAB, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum

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What we deliver

With our proprietary, modular AI solutions and premier ecosystem partnerships, we help clients create continual, personalized learning that benefit people, businesses and communities.

Intelligent workforce insights

Develop role maps that identify declining, stable and emerging skills, both internally and in the market, and assess roles for upskilling.

Personalized learning plans

Find specific upskilling opportunities and create personalized, trackable learning content and sequences to help plan and monitor career paths.

Refined recruitment

Discover the relationship between open role requirements and proximate skills among candidates to enlarge talent pools and identify upskilling opportunities.

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Our solutions are pre-built for multiple industries, including: Utilities, Retail, Banking, Healthcare and Resources
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Learn more about how we build cultures of learning

The AI impact


workforce cost savings


view across all dimensions of talent skills (technical, functional, leadership) using historical and market data


annual cost savings from automating the process of shortlisting quality resumes for interviews


productivity increase from predictive insights and data-driven resource recommendations

"Knowing which occupations are growing and declining globally is a starting place for policymakers, educators, and employers to start conversations on how to transition the global workforce to the jobs and skills of tomorrow."

— ALLEN BLUE, Co-founder of LinkedIn

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Solutions.AI for Talent & Skilling

Our capabilities

Accenture works with a vast ecosystem of premier technology alliance partners to deliver intelligent insights, highly-relevant learning content and people-centric experiences to help close the skills gap in any organization.

Skills ontology

Compare your employees’ current skills to those required for other roles in order to create skills graphs and career path recommendations.

Market insights

Work with partners to analyze third- and first-party data to understand role and skill demands and trends across geographies and industries.

Skills assessment

Use AI- or survey-based assessments to capture skills preferences from a variety of sources and create skills profiles across your workforce.

Digital dexterity

Measure digital mindset, behaviors and practices to understand organizational skills and digital culture within your organization and industry.

Content curation

Leverage off-the-shelf content and learning journeys or expert-curated content geared toward your specific ecosystem, priorities and talent needs.

Learning ROI

Use AI to measure and quantify learning effectiveness, ROI and learner behavior analytics to continuously refine and personalize learning journeys for maximum effectiveness.

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Our strategic investments

Accenture’s exclusive investment program, Project Spotlight, helps address our clients’ largest innovation gaps. We invest in and co-innovate with promising software startups to scale innovative talent and skilling solutions for maximum impact. Investments include:

What we think

Radically human

How new technology is transforming business and shaping our future.

Rethink AI talent in the workplace

Reconfigure your workforce to support AI at scale.

Can we trust AI more than ourselves?

AI and upskilling prepare people for the future of work.

Care to do better

Building trust to leave your people and your business Net Better Off.

Honing your digital edge

Improve digital fluency to drive business results.

Our ecosystem partners

Our strong ecosystem of partners and platforms enable greater flexibility and speed to value.

Our leaders

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