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Finding the secret sauce for smarter selling

A mobility and delivery platform unlocks over $85 million in revenue with a fresh mix of sales talent and data-driven insights


Call for change

Food delivery has grown into a multibillion dollar global market—and one player was keen to take a big bite. Already a leading player, this company wanted to solidify its position with a sharper strategy for selling to net new and existing small and midsize businesses (SMBs), including restaurants, grocery, and convenience stores. But winning and retaining customers in a fast-moving market was proving to be a challenge.

The company also recognized room for improvement further down the pipeline. A one-size-fits-all approach to onboarding and support was hindering platform consumption. It needed to shape a more intuitive and individualized user experience to improve retention and empower customers to get the most out of its platform.

Determined to seize a bigger slice of the SMB market, this mobility and delivery platform company turned to Accenture to transform full cycle sales.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Ready for a fresh approach, the mobility and delivery platform turned to Accenture Digital Inside Sales to help elevate its full cycle sales model. It started small, with a pilot program in outbound sales: Accenture introduced a lean team with proven experience in the SMB space, helping the business focus on making the right conversations with the right targets at the right cadence to close more deals faster.

Within a month, Accenture was already making a clear difference, helping the business drive better decisions and increase conversion. Encouraged by these early results, the company ramped up its efforts, growing the team and establishing a new onboarding front office. Soon after, the company engaged Accenture to support its inbound operations. Once again, the Accenture team delivered at speed and scale.

360 customer lifecycle insights

Accenture introduced innovative technology, powered by data and insights, to improve performance across the end-to-end customer lifecycle, including OneGlass, part of the SynOps platform.

Effectively target customers

Deployed on top of the company’s CRM system, sellers can access rich customer insights from a single interface that manages key sales functions and workflows, to target customers more effectively.

Rapid customer ramp up and care

The company also improved the onboarding process for new customers with proactive support, including a white glove service for high-value accounts.

Continuous improvement

By using SynOps, the company can experiment and pilot new programs including new menu templates, restaurant concepts, and food licensing requirements.

A valuable difference

The logistics technology company has transformed sales operations into a formidable engine of growth. An enhanced user experience and stronger support are helping secure platform adoption and strengthen customer retention. The company has also improved visibility into KPIs and established clearer targets for all sales agents—giving sellers newfound ownership of and accountability for their results. This is shaping a culture that motivates people to perform at their best, allowing individual sellers to advance in their roles and unlocking greater revenues for the company as a whole.

With Accenture support in incubating new concepts and programs, the company has also gained the freedom to innovate at less risk and cost. This keeps it at the leading edge of market innovation, delivering a valuable advantage over competitors - all while helping small businesses to reach a whole new world of customers.


new merchants onboarded onto the company’s platform.


generated in revenue and growing.


reduction in onboarding cycle times, enabling customers to get up and running faster.


of sales KPIs being met and exceeded by the workforce.