New-age tech is changing the way products and services are consumed. Help your business drive enterprise transformation to meet market demands.

Helping clients rotate to an as-a-Service business

Accenture’s Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering supports enterprise transformation, allowing clients to adopt a platform-based business model to open new avenues of growth in a service-led economy and lay the foundation for new value creation.

Our DaaS offering provides clients with plug-in, scalable, consumption-based services powered by analytics, cloud, and automation to create value across the ecosystem comprising our clients, our client’s channel partners, and end customers. Our end-to-end capabilities, from shaping the strategy to transforming and operating the business, leveraging the power of digital and technology help create value.

We are ServiceNow’s largest professional services partner with more than 900 certifications and more than 5,000 completed ServiceNow projects. Our experienced team of dedicated practitioners, along with a unique set of assets, models, and accelerators, help support our client’s journey.


Companies can rethink supply chains and create value for customers and providers with DaaS. Know what makes it unique and how to get started.

Our target segments

DaaS offers devices and associated services packaged as a comprehensive solution on a single platform, thereby driving a seamless customer experience, OPEX flexibility, and access to smart, living products.

Hardware companies

DaaS can add value with cost optimization by resulting in a higher ROI due to the reduced maintenance cost.

Software & platforms

Growing your software company with platforms that nurture service offerings and customer relationships, leading to better cross and up-sell rates.

Comms & media

DaaS allows the focus to shift to one-time devices/products sales to continued revenue streams from service bundles.

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New-age technologies are fundamentally changing the way products and services are consumed which, in turn, is driving enterprise transformation to meet market demands.

Our offerings for as-a-Service operating models

We help our clients build their capabilities and serve their end-customer in an "as-a-Service" model, while generating tangible benefits across the entire value chain.


Build a business case and develop an external and internal plan for implementation. This includes growth, competitive go-to-market strategy and more.

Asset deployment

Utilize reverse logistics to plan product deployment to customers. This includes forward supply chain, repair operations, service, support and more.

Product operations

Strategize product ordering and fulfillment for the customer. This includes repairs, partnership models, order management, global sourcing and more.

Customer sales & service

Design customer first activities, from sales through relationship management and support. This includes sales and marketing strategy, pricing and more.

IT & product development & testing

Develop R&D, device development and testing for DaaS offerings and IT operations. This includes security and regulatory compliance, tools and more.

Finance & legal

Address financial planning, management, compliance and legal activities for DaaS. This includes financial strategy, accounting, contracts and more.

Device management & maintenance

Assess the ongoing processes needed to maintain devices. This includes security policies, device configuration, repairs and warranty and more.

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Managing DaaS models with the help of a tee-shirt

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