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Essen Innovation Hub

Tradition meets innovation

What to expect


Our innovation hub is equipped with an evolving range of industry-relevant immersive demo experiences that can be applied to your organization now.


Explore the latest trends and how they can be applied to solve your business challenges through innovative design thinking sessions and workshops.


Prove the value of your workshop with our team to develop rapid prototypes and industry-leading solutions that unlock transformative business value.

Industry-relevant use cases

Digital workforce

Driving an efficient, effective and safer worker environment by leveraging digital technologies such as IoT sensors, wearables, analytics and AR/VR.

Digital twin

Working collaboratively in global teams on integrated engineering documentation to continuously maintain a digital twin of all assets.

Digital plant

Real-time monitoring and optimization of assets in a plant environment, using analytics and machine learning to turn data into actionable insight.

Supply chain management

Integrating planning and scheduling with operations, and increasing the visibility of movements of materials through the value chain.

Digital customer

Establishing new channels and increased customer interactions within utility and fuels retail industries.

IIOT connectivity & security

Integrating classical operational technology (OT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and core operations systems securely and cost effectively.

Industrial connectivity

What we think

The chemical industry’s road to net zero

Explore the costs and opportunities of the EU Green Deal for the European chemical industry as it transforms to become net zero.

How digital twins enable autonomous operations

Manufacturing systems must evolve to support the transformation to data-driven, adaptive operations.

Meet our lead

Phillip Jorgensen

Head of Essen Innovation Hub, Germany

Where to find us