Responding to unprecedented disruption

The oil and gas industry is no stranger to disruptions having faced many supply and demand shocks over the past four decades. While most of the supply side shocks were the result of sudden supply pullbacks in reaction to geopolitical unrest, the demand-side shocks were largely due to macroeconomic contraction and have been closely connected to larger volatile economic cycles—in terms of size and duration.

This time around though, the industry is faced with a concurrent demand-supply shock at an existential, system-wide level which will truly test its tenacity and durability. This unprecedented disruption will require oil and gas companies to take rapid, intelligent measures—both traditional and non-traditional—to survive.


Energy industry spotlight

Monthly pulse of the oil and gas industry

Accenture has joined efforts with the World Economic Forum to monitor how oil and gas companies are navigating the crisis.

Fueling the energy future

With energy systems becoming decarbonized, digitalized and demand-driven, our latest report explores how disruption is changing oil & gas.

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Latest in Energy

Oil and gas downstream: A guide to thrive

Accenture shares crucial steps the oil and gas downstream market can take to navigate the current situation and thrive in the future. Read more

Reinventing energy with IES

Adopting intelligent enterprise (IES) services can help O&G companies generate value more quickly and achieve competitive advantage. Read more

The data foundation imperative for energy

Accenture shares steps energy companies can take to accelerate the transformation that is needed for the journey to data maturity. Read more

Releasing the analytical power of Oil & Gas talent

Accenture shares critical steps O&G leaders should take to effectively upskill analytics capabilities. Read more

COVID-19: Fueling a new future for remote work

A national oil company worked with Accenture to roll out Microsoft Teams and enable 20,000 people to work from home in just two weeks. Read more

Responding to crisis in fuel and convenience retail

There are 4 key areas that fuel and convenience retailers should focus on to address critical, immediate people-needs of their business. Read more

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What we think

Case studies

BP implemented two innovative products to keep its people safe while working faster and more reliably.

How migrating to cloud helped Tullow Oil achieve cost flexibility, agility and a platform for future innovation.

See how a digital strategy roadmap can help decrease millions of tons of emissions.

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Insights from our blog

Trends and insights for the oil and gas industry to help navigate the energy transition to build a safe, profitable and sustainable future.

Oil & gas: It’s time for a powerful idea

Moving into power sector can help oil and gas players to stay relevant today.

Where to play, how to win in the oil and gas industry

Accenture’s latest report, Fueling the Energy Future: Reinventing oil and gas for a new purpose, is comprehensive as it is hyper relevant.

Scaling digital for new value in the oil industry

Our research shows that though oil and gas sector has a more champions vis-à-vis other sectors, their return on digital investment is low.


Accenture helps Equinor improve business operations and increase agility with the cloud

Migration of SAP® solutions to Microsoft Azure aims to reduce IT costs and support oil and gas and renewable energy operations.

Accenture and AT&T bring mobile connectivity to Phillips 66 with private cellular network

Accenture and AT&T are working with Phillips66 to develop industrial cellular wireless connectivity which will lay the foundation for future 5G use cases.

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