Our people

We rely on the creativity and ingenuity of our people to define our role in the world, enable us to grow—and drive change for our clients.

Care and compassion

We support our people with care and compassion and continually offer them opportunities to learn, develop their skills and advance their careers, with an unwavering commitment to equal pay and to creating an inclusive work environment.

And, our focus on sustainability across our business not only improves our own competitiveness and drives returns for shareholders—it also helps us attract, motivate and retain the best people.

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Health, safety and well-being first

The health, safety and well-being of our people is our top priority.

We provide our people and their dependents with a comprehensive range of health benefits, from medical, dental and drug coverage to supplemental programs tailored to individual countries.

Implemented in 2020, our Occupational Health and Safety policy defines the responsibilities of all our people and contractors to keep our work environment healthy and safe, wherever they work; drives compliance with applicable laws and regulations; and fosters adoption of health and safety management standards across our company.

Our Global Health Champion program helps to educate, inform and advocate for our people about health and safety concerns, with senior leaders serving as health champions on site in every office. Additionally, we continue working to meet our goal that all our locations are physically accessible.

Support during the pandemic

As we continue the critical programs that have helped our people and their families throughout the COVID-19 pandemic—including 24/7 telemedicine, care-at-home services, increased insurance coverage, virtual and back-up childcare, mental health support and COVID-19 testing and vaccination services—we also have introduced or expanded life-enhancing initiatives.

We continued connecting our people and their families to effective COVID-19 testing. More than 500,000 tests have been procured directly, with still more provided through private medical facilities and in partnership with local government programs. We administered vaccinations in 10 countries and provided paid time off for our people to receive their full vaccine course.

Dr. Tam Brownlee (pictured at left) joined as our first Chief Health Officer, focusing on strategies to support our people’s health and mental resilience. And, we created a global return-to-office framework to safeguard the quality of the workplace and elevate COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Shifting into the future of work

We are reimagining how everyone at Accenture works. Taking what we have learned during the pandemic from our people, clients and partners, we are being intentional about creating omni-connected experiences.

By this we mean the complete experience of work: feeling connected, being included and knowing that each of us belongs. These experiences are grounded in the digital tools we use, our physical locations, our behaviors and the culture we all create together.

Investing in our people

Our vibrant career paths are intentionally flexible, so that our people are encouraged to develop their skills, bring new ideas, suggest creative solutions and lend their bold, authentic voices to their work.

Continuous recognition

We recognize our people throughout the year for who they are, what makes them unique and the valuable contributions they make through their work.

A commitment to equal pay for equal work

We are firmly committed to pay equity and have processes in place to help ensure that our people are compensated fairly.

Continuous learning

To help our people discover their best opportunities, we invested US$900 million during fiscal 2021 in learning and professional development.


We help our people grow their skills—with over 8,000 skills in our library that they can earn through certifications and learning opportunities.

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Inclusion & Diversity

Our unwavering commitment to inclusion and diversity creates an environment that unleashes innovation, allows our people to perform at their best and underpins a culture where everyone has an equal opportunity to belong, advance and thrive. Read more.

Race and ethnicity

We are committed to equality for all—with zero tolerance for discrimination, bigotry or hate of any kind. Read more.

Gender equality

We strive to create a culture of equality through inclusion for all and continue to make progress toward our global gender goals. Read more.

Mental health and wellness

We foster a workplace environment where people feel comfortable engaging in open, honest dialogue about mental illness and well-being. Read more.

Disability inclusion

We strive to ensure that our people with disabilities have access to technology, tools and training to succeed in a barrier-free workplace. Read more.

LGBTI inclusion

We provide specialized training, networking support and mentoring for our LGBTI people and help promote a workplace of equality every day. Read more.

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Unlocking human ingenuity for our clients

In these unprecedented times, businesses are working together at record speed and scale to take on the enormous challenges that now touch everyone, everywhere.

While many leaders believe innovative technology is the answer, we know it's only part of the solution, with the most successful organizations elevating their people and harnessing human potential to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Accenture’s Talent & Organization/Human Potential practice combines industry expertise and advanced analytics to help organizations advance inclusion and diversity.

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