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"This partnership allows us to manage what can be measured, creating the first yardstick for system strength and inertia – a capability that, together with our industry experience, will empower utilities to accelerate the energy transition."

— Dondi Schneider

The impact of renewables on grid inertia

The energy transition and its impact on grid stability

What is Reactive Technologies?

Unique measurements view

A real-time view of actual and historic inertia helps integrate renewables.

Powerful analytics

Analytics help the grid ramp renewables faster while maintaining stability.

Frequency monitoring

Frequency monitoring and analytics offer high-impact spatial resolution and accessibility.

A world first that puts the world first

Flagship Interia Measurement System

Discover how the world’s largest continuously operating grid-scale ultracapacitor is empowering National Grid ESO to build a renewable grid.

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Ready to see tomorrow clearly?

Connect with us to find out how we are empowering operators by enabling renewable grids and accelerating the energy transition.

Our leaders

Gregorio Ogliaro

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Utilities, Transmission and Distribution Global Lead

Mario Marchelli

Managing Director – Utilities, Transmission and Distribution

Gary Boyle

Industry X - Technical Architect

Marc Borrett

CEO and Co-founder – Reactive Technologies

Chris Kimmett

Commercial Director – Networks, Reactive Technologies

Rafael Ochoa

Advisory Board – Reactive Technologies