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Companies today have been kicking the tires on automation—and achieving value, in pockets. But, to achieve its truly transformative power, companies need to evolve to an enterprise-wide strategy. Our approach helps organizations develop an enterprise automation roadmap and align automation initiatives, using three key components:


To implement a robust automation strategy, we measure the automation maturity of your organization and identify the best automation opportunities.


To infuse automation, we build the right automation culture, identifying new automation roles while equipping people with the relevant skills and knowledge, at speed.


With our intelligent automation platform for the enterprise, myWizard, we offer strengths and capabilities complementary to human skills for greater speed, quality and intelligence.

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Implement and measure: the benefits of myWizard

Accenture uses its myWizard automation platform to implement and measure an enterprise automation strategy. Accenture myWizard® helps disrupt every aspect of the application lifecycle to drive greater business value.

1. Magnify

No one organization has a corner on innovation. myWizard’s microservices-based architecture allows us to expand on existing client and Accenture tools by incorporating innovation from across the technology ecosystem.

2. Mine

myWizard mines multiple sources of data—tickets, application and web logs, code quality, application data, testing coverage, defects and social media data—into a common data fabric to make complex correlations, generate insights and enable deep learning capabilities.

3. Manage

myWizard’s “app store” helps manage automation investments and allows users to access, develop or crowdsource the automation assets and utilities needed. An intelligent recommendation system ensures each project is using the latest innovations. The platform connects all aspects of software engineering, including governance.

4. Measure

myWizard has value-measuring capabilities built-in, including the myWizard Value Wallet. It provides a framework to improve and measure IT and business efficiency gains from using automation and artificial intelligence.

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myWizard in action

Accenture myWizard in 60 seconds

Accenture myWizard® is your essential co-worker for the digital age that is designed with artificial intelligence for improved business outcomes. See more.

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With the help of myWizard, organizations can move beyond productivity and cost reduction and focus on infusing greater speed and intelligence into their applications—accelerating business growth and innovation.

Accenture myWizard® is your essential co-worker for the digital age. It helps make IT future-ready and human workers work humanly better.

myWizard® automation platform by the numbers




assets, 300+ AI assets




automation experts and coaches




virtual agents

"Enterprise-wide automation success can be achieved with a holistic approach of people, process and technology."

– RAJENDRA PRASAD, Global Automation Lead – Accenture Technology

Start your journey toward automation

Breaking Through Automation Silos

Accenture's video shares how organizations can start to implement enterprise-wide automation. See more.

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Listen in as Rajendra Prasad and Chris D'hondt discuss how organizations can start their journey toward enterprise-wide automation.

Big change for global beverage company

We combined our business process-led application outsourcing services with problem management, intelligent knowledge management and system stabilization routines. And, we used our myWizard® intelligent automation platform to embed advanced analytics, insight and automation capabilities.


Reduction in overall ticket volume


Reduction in critical incidents and system availability


system availability improvement

Global telecom company shifts to continuous delivery

Using Accenture myWizard®, Accenture was able to achieve significant cost reduction, efficiency and productivity gains, including a cost reduction of 24 percent over 3 years. It used Splunk-enabled Accenture Analytics for Application Management to embed advanced analytics, insight and automation capabilities across the client’s IT and business functions.


cost reduction over three years


improvement in stability and accelerating mean time to issue identification


of the error analysis on customer orders automated

What we think

Reimagine the business through human and AI collaboration.

The journey of AI from a hot trend to a seamless enabler of business transformation.

Applications are evolving into living systems of technologies, infrastructure, and people—opening up new space for innovation.

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Accenture positioned as the overall leader in innovation, ahead of 17 other competitors

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End-to-end application transformation portfolio

Accenture named #1 IT service provider by Everest Group

Continued focus on intelligent automation

Application modernization services leader

"Best-in-class” vision and strategy

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