Engineering and R&D digitization

Transforming engineering functions to enable sustainable innovation, increase development performance, and reduce cost.

Products are changing. Can your engineers keep up?

The rise of IoT-connected, software-enabled equipment is creating extraordinary opportunities—and major pains. Because with component complexity increasing, bringing new products to market becomes more complicated. So, development performance plummets, success rates suffer, and returns on R&D spending shrink.

How can R&D executives and product owners respond? By boosting efficiencies, driving effectiveness, and expanding innovation through new ways of working.

Let’s speed up your R&D!

By embedding connectivity, data, and AI along your company’s core R&D, product development, and product life cycle processes, we can help you drive:


reduction in prototyping and testing time.


reduction in overall time-to-market.


reduction of R&D cost.


reduction in material cost.

Here's how we'll help

Accenture Industry X offers a specific solution around data digitization and integration, data management, and data-enabled R&D and product development operating model change. We make your engineering more intelligent by delivering:

Engineering data services

We'll digitize your engineering and product data, integrate all your data sources, implement new data governance, and help managing insights.

Full value digital twin & thread

We'll help you build full value digital twins and then combine them with AI to deliver next-gen, algorithm-driven R&D, engineering, and PLM.

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Accenture named the global leader in PLM services

According to CIMdata market estimates, Accenture has been the global leader in providing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Services for 6 years in a row. Learn more about how we combine our powerful digital capabilities with deep engineering and manufacturing expertise to reimagine the products you make and how you make them.


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Accenture's blog explains how AI-driven generative design is transforming engineering processes and disrupts the whole product lifecycle management.

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Swiss eco-tech Climeworks has an ambitious vision. To achieve it, they need to scale.

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Our capabilities are strengthened and expanded through key acquisitions that bring new strategy services and expertise to our clients at speed. Access to leading industry players and specialists gives your business a competitive edge.


October 01, 2021

The acquisition scales our engineering capabilities to help companies use digital technologies like cloud, artificial intelligence and 5G. Read more.

DI Square

June 14, 2021

Accenture to acquire engineering capabilities to strengthen PLM and ALM capabilities for manufacturing clients. Read more.

PLM Systems

August 3, 2020

The systems integrator helps Industry X in designing and building information systems for product life cycle management. Read more.

ESR Labs

April 1, 2020

Improves Industry X in developing embedded software for car brands and suppliers to drive greater value from software. Read more.


October 21, 2019

Adds expertise in Industry X to build the underlying IoT infrastructure and systems for connected products and services. Read more.


JUNE 03, 2019

Bolster capabilities in the design of smart products and services for automotive, industrial equipment, medical and high-tech industries. Read more.

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