Reimagining the employee experience

Understanding the challenges

Unilever asked us for a vision for its employees globally – a world-class experience which would be dynamic and personalized.

Unilever saw an opportunity to simplify the way employees found information through its many processes, systems and content resources. They realized that such a change would also free up support agents’ time to focus on higher value human interactions.

To understand how the employees felt, we asked them directly. We conducted a qualitative study of one-to-one interviews with employees of all levels, across different markets.

Co-designing the vision

Using this valuable insight, Accenture worked collaboratively with Unilever to co-design their vision, including a Rumble™ that generated ideas to explore and develop. Our long-standing relationship with Unilever brought a deep understanding of their business, which, coupled with our service design approach, enabled the co-creation of a groundbreaking, real vision built on what mattered most to Unilever’s employees.

Unilever had articulated three core pillars that would inspire their new employee experience: human experiences, simple interactions, meaningful impact.

The “Employee Universe” was created to enable the vision, which comprised a matrix of interconnected components, fronted by a chatbot named Una. We created Una’s personality, and designed her human-like conversation to reinforce Unilever’s brand and values. Una becomes a personal assistant, guiding the employee to what they need in that moment. Her conversations were contextually relevant, and continuously improved through a built-in learning loop.

Test, learn and iterate

We ran a “Living Lab”, whereby we would rapidly test, assess and fine-tune throughout to ensure we maximized Una’s impact. We delivered a Proof of Value to demonstrate how new hires would feel about using AI chatbot technology to answer day-to-day queries and test and iterate the underpinning technology.

Employees who tested the pilot enjoyed their initial experience of using Una, giving her a rating of 4.6/5, and 85% employee satisfaction. Our vision and chatbot, plus Living Lab, became the foundation for a broader program of transforming the employee experience at Unilever.

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