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Customer service consulting

Is the role of customer service to solve problems at the lowest cost possible?

Or does service also have a larger calling as a value creator for your customers and growth driver for your business?

How can you use service to deliver new value and growth? Start by reimagining customer service experiences. Make customer service success an enterprise endeavor. Recognize it as an opportunity to add value to a customer’s life. And infuse service as a natural expression of your organization’s purpose.

We collaborate with our clients to reimagine and redesign service around their “why.” We find new ways to make service more predictive and proactive. To drive a deeper understanding of customers’ behaviors, needs and expectations. And to enable service experiences that bring greater value to them.

In other words, we help shift focus from cost management to growth. So, you can anticipate and provide the services that will create value for your customers. That isn’t just end-to-end support. It’s end-to-endless service.

New and accelerated customer interactions have upended the ‘rules of engagement.’

Customer service strategy and experience design

Reimagine customer service for growth

The most successful enterprises prioritize their own and their customers’ success, working with customers to create value-added interactions.
We use design thinking to help imagine new personalized service experiences. These experiences — predictive, proactive, data-driven — help drive growth.
Combining strategy, design, technology and culture, we create and help you execute a customer service plan that coordinates and amplifies all the assets of the service organization. We help you define key moments that exceed customer expectations. The result: next-gen customer service experiences that establish service as a driver of differentiation, customer insights, loyalty and revenue growth.

Customer-centric engagement

Build responsive, high-value customer service experiences.

Consumers and businesses keep raising the bar on what makes a great customer service experience. The one thing everyone can agree on? “Great” isn’t calling a customer service hotline after encountering the issue.

Companies now need to provide humanity and high impact at scale. That requires an engagement model that can work across brand touchpoints to anticipate, learn and listen. It becomes possible to proactively meet customer needs — whether presenting them with new opportunities for products and services or mitigating problems before they occur. This model requires better use of data for insights and cloud technology to create a unified, relevant experience.
We inform every experience with data, aiming for personalized, seamlessly connected interactions to keep conversations flowing continuously across all channels at scale.
Our proprietary approach to personalized customer engagement at scale uses AI virtual agents, machine learning, data/analytics and cloud technology.

With skills and know-how from across Accenture, we help clients prioritize capabilities, apply design thinking, quickly deploy with pre-built assets and continually improve experiences. The aim is not just higher efficiency but also greater value and growth.


Reinvention of the service organization

Operate the service organization at speed and scale

Service-oriented organizations understand that service is the responsibility of every function in a business. They have reimagined their entire organization with a higher mission, a broader scope and an agile operating model powered by a human + machine culture.

To support the success of agents and customers, organizations need new customer engagement models, new ways of working and new platforms for customer experience solutions and data management.
We transform service organizations to operate with purpose at speed and scale.
How? With a combination of business strategy, human-centered design, industry experience and the right technology know-how. By reinventing the contact center. Architecting CX and data platforms. Applying industry accelerators. Connecting with the cloud. And leveraging best-in-class partnerships. Accenture also creates new models to support the evolving future of work to align customer success with employee safety and satisfaction.
Are you ready to reimagine your customer service organization?

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Intelligent automation makes it possible to offload repetitive, transactional activities to robots. It uses data and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to continually learn and improve performance. Intelligent automation empowers rapid end-to-end business process automation and accelerates digital transformation. 

Use insights from data analytics to grow revenue, reduce operating expenses (OPEX) and increase customer lifetime value through exceptional, personalized customer service experiences.

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