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Customer-centric supply chain transformation

A modern platform such as SAP S/4HANA is essential in this transformation, but it takes more than only transitioning to a new ERP platform and to the cloud. Rather, it needs a complete customer-centric transformation of the whole supply chain.


Use data as an insight-generation engine for new products and services designed around the customer.


Engage with external partners and collaborative platforms connecting assets, people, processes and things.


Build the capability to micro-segment customers, supporting multiple flexible and sustainable supply chains that leverage external partners.


Engender a “supply chain as-a-Service” mentality through a dynamic, intelligent operating model and data-led adaptable workforce.


Leverage analytics and “what if” scenario modeling to enhance operations and add value for the customer.

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We help clients transform digital supply chains and improve business performance.

Sharpen up the supply chain

An intelligent supply network is critical for growth and success.

The supply chain of the future must be a growth engine connecting to all partners seamlessly with a focus on delivering value. Companies should evolve from a linear to a dynamic supply chain.

In this era of constant change, customers are becoming the undisputed center of attention. Business growth is now about outsmarting the competition through speed and hyper-relevance, enhancing both customer experience and customer loyalty. It’s about developing the intelligence and agility to continuously adapt the whole value chain to what customers expect today – and what they’ll want tomorrow.

Accenture helps clients to apply the power of new SAP solutions and technologies to create the foundational organization-wide platforms they need to simplify and standardize operations while managing complexity and fueling innovation.

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Supply chain scenario planning-as-a-service

An agile, flexible and resilient supply chain can adapt more quickly to industry changes. Accenture can help you outmaneuver uncertainty with Supply Chain Scenario Planning-as-a-Service, powered by SAP Integrated Business Planning.

Powered by analytics, the service simulates critical supply chain scenarios, evaluates supply chain challenges and helps you to act proactively and swiftly. It gives better end-to-end visibility into your supply chain and simulates revenues and costs for each scenario.

Supply Chain Scenario Planning-as-a-Service, powered by SAP IBP

Accenture can help your supply chain and operations become more customer-centric and resilient to outmaneuver uncertainty.

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Start your journey with myConcerto

Successful transformations to the customer-centered supply chain follow a clear path with meticulously planned objectives. And that’s where Accenture myConcerto comes in. myConcerto helps guide organizations from initial roadmap and business case, through prototyping new solutions, to scaling them across the enterprise. From initial discovery through to ongoing continuous improvement, myConcerto helps at every stage of the transformation journey.

Transform to an intelligent enterprise

Transform to an Intelligent Enterprise with myConcerto – Accenture's digital solutions and delivery platform.

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What we think

SAP S/4HANA and myConcerto creates a digital platform for the intelligent supply chain that will drive actionable insights and realize growth.

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