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Retail’s data-driven reset

Benefits of ai.RETAIL

Total visibility: Create one version of the truth

Rely on a flexible, common data model built for retail to provide a shared framework for developing all business use cases.

Customer centricity: Put the customer at the core

Generate a 360-degree customer view with internal and external data, analyze customer behavior, and drive powerful personalization.

Bias for action: Turn data into responsible actions

Move fast with predictive, prescriptive insights and detailed scenario simulations. Test and learn more quickly to refine use cases.

Data-savvy workforce: Empower all people with data

An intuitive dashboard allows everyone to access data and understand their own role in reaching desired outcomes and recommended actions to get there.

New business models: Data as a competitive asset

Use valuable customer data to generate new revenue streams by selling granular insights to suppliers that want to optimize to their offerings.


Customer profit and revenue

Create a granular customer view to understand customer profitability, loyalty and buying behaviors for each interaction.

Dynamic merchandising and assortment

A customer-centric approach to optimize assortments, channels and space to delight customers and drive growth.

Supply network, analytics and profitability

Combine internal and external data for complete visibility. Create a supply network digital twin to mitigate risks.

New business models

Monetize your data and share key insights with valued suppliers. Establish marketplace platforms with optimized customer targeting.

Case studies

Central Group makes it personal

Thai retailer Central Group uses data to create unique experiences for shoppers.

Tim Hortons serves up loyalty

Canadian QSR Tim Hortons drives customer loyalty through its new Tims Rewards program.

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Unleash the power of AI in retail

Unleash the power of AI in retail

Learn how retailers are using data to drive customer experience, innovation and growth.