Oracle Customer Experience

Let our experience accompany you along the way to true transformation.

Experience the future

We help organizations build the future of customer experience with the Oracle CX Cloud Suite. From sales and marketing to omnichannel customer service and e-commerce, we connect data with intelligence to deliver stand-out experiences.

Driven by human experience

Great CX isn’t just for customers. We help you create exceptional human experiences for employees, suppliers and partners too.

Fueled by data

Your data is your most valuable asset. We help you connect it, understand it and use it to deliver smarter customer interactions at scale.

Built in the cloud

Oracle’s CX platform is built in the cloud to promote interoperability making it simple to integrate and plug into current infrastructure.

Accelerated by myConcerto

Our end-to-end myConcerto accelerates and de-risks your journey to a legendary customer experience.

Tailored by industry

With Oracle’s ready-made offerings, we help accelerate your CX transformation with a tailored solution for your industry.

Customer experience fueled by back office

Accenture has the vision and experience to help you create impactful, relevant experiences powered by enterprise level back office platforms.

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The next generation of Oracle Fusion Sales

How automation & AI drive revenue & sales success

Change comes fast. Oracle DX4C is faster.

The telecommunications industry is ablaze with innovation. Digitalization sparked a customer experience revolution that is wholly transforming the way telcos must operate to deliver greater personalization and successfully compete. COVID-19 has also profoundly impacted the way people work, live and socialize today. Serving as a powerful accelerant, the pandemic created more of a burning platform for change, condensing the timeline from years into months.

Performing center stage in enabling the new experience economy, communications service providers must evolve as digital service providers. They must quickly innovate on their 5G, internet of things (IoT) and fiber tech investments to deliver on the speed and connectivity needs of an online world. Accenture is helping clients embrace change and create more moving experiences on Oracle Digital Experience for Communications (DX4C). Oracle’s new cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is purpose-built for speed and agility.

Oracle DX4C

Transform digital experiences in Communications

Thriving together through adaptability in DX4C

Client transformation videos in the Datasphere

Digital Transformation at Telco WindTre

Digital Transformation at Telco WindTre

Elevate employee & customer experience

What impact can connected field service have on both customer and employee experiences? Rhianna Albert, Oracle South CX Lead at Accenture, discusses how she envisions properly handling big transformation projects, ensuring digital touchpoints in the service process, and managing innovative as-a-service motions. See how Oracle and Accenture can work together to help you with your business initiatives.

Oracle Virtual Summit

Accenture helps clients transform as a service businesses using Oracle Field Service Cloud.

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Why choose Accenture?

Accenture’s Oracle CX professionals are innovators in customer experience design as well as long-standing partners in Oracle implementations.


We have more than 64,000 Oracle-skilled professionals across our global Oracle application services.


We offer over 2,000 Oracle tools and assets through our myConcerto platform.


Our teams are based in over 60 technology and innovation centers across 20 different countries.


Launched in 2009, our Experience Agency is designed to empower clients to own Experience from start to finish.


125 Global locations with over 10,600 client engagement to date.


77 of the Fortune Global 100 trust our experience to help power theirs.

Creating modern customer experiences together

Accenture understands that data drives personalized individual experiences. Customers are found in virtually every channel and the only way to stay relevant is to use automation to find them, serve them and personalize for them.

Exploring the steps companies need to take to understand their customers better, bring together and manage a vast array of data sources, and get the right kind of insights out the other side, these podcasts highlight why CX matters more than ever – and why data is the secret to meaningful modern customer interactions.


Swisscom's Digital Transformation with Oracle CX


Accenture’s Nelson Bernabe on mapping hyper-personalized journeys and avoiding CX blind spots


Oracle’s Joe Fuster on using data to spot key CX signals and build customer graphs

Latest Accenture Insights

CX blogs about going beyond traditional CRM to build and manage lasting customer relationships. Make every customer interaction matter.

The Future of CRM

Learn more about the future of CRM and how Oracle Fusion helps bridge the divide between sales and marketing.

The importance of 5G and Edge Services

Re-defining the concept of the Customer Experience and the role of CSPs.

Transforming CSP’s Business Support System

Explore the need for Telcos to use cloud to modernize their Business Support Systems (BSS).

The AI and Me experience trend

The way to a more interactive, exploratory, and adaptable experience with DX4C.

Unleashing a new world of customer experience

Unleashing a new world of customer experience in the Telecommunications industry.

Accenture named Oracle’s Markie award winner

With hundreds of submissions to Oracle’s annual Markie Awards, Accenture was announced The Game Changer CX SI Partner of the Year! The award recognizes a fierce dedication to innovation and excellence in customer experience that drives robust measurable success. Our CX team was given this award for their work with a telecommunication client by utilizing the CX Infinity real-time customer behavior data from the client’s website. This improved the volume and quality of leads which increased revenue by:

  • Stabilizing CDM holding over 100M+ records with complex data schema
  • Creating a system for leads to deliver to 11,000+ sellers weekly
  • De-duplicating 60M contact records and 50M account records.

Nelson Bernabe, Accenture’s CX Partner Market Development Lead, accepted the award and said, “We’re always looking for new ways to drive impactful change for our clients and Oracle has been a great partner for us in developing technology platforms that enable us to deliver innovation to market.”

Oracle: Markie awards 2020

Awards & recognition

Accenture is recognized as a key Oracle partner, winning #1 Global Systems Integrator for 12 straight years plus numerous awards for sustained customer experience excellence and commitment to innovation.


Partner of the Year, CX Marketing – Global & North America



Partner of the Year, CX Cloud – EMEA



Partner of the Year, CX Sales – APAC


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Our leaders


Accenture and Oracle unveil integrated CX platform for utilities

Accenture and Oracle’s integrated Customer Experience as-a-Service platform helps utilities have more meaningful interactions with customers and employees.