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Zero-Based Transformation

Managing through the perfect storm with speed, agility

Accelerate cost transformation to drive sustainable growth


ZBB gains clout as a way for companies to find savings


In the spotlight

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Inflation and economic uncertainty

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5 ways to achieve more with less

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Cost Strategy

Invest resources where they can have the greatest impact and drive growth, resilience and competitive advantage.

Forensic cost analytics

Combine AI, data, and “should cost” analysis to help gain visibility and flexibility to make decisions rapidly as conditions change.

Sustainability by design

Align cost strategy and resources with priorities such as sustainability to transform responsibly and deliver 360° value.

Organization and workforce

Reimagine your organization and workforce, aligning cost structures and resources to support that vision.

Supply chain resilience

"Supply chain resilience Use data and insights to identify the “should cost” of goods and logistics to help optimize performance, price and agility."

How we work

Zero-based commercial (ZBC)

Define the right customer experiences and price points for each segment. Evaluate total share of wallet to optimize investments and grow revenue.

Zero-based organization (ZBO)

Clean sheet your company. Determine your future needs and redesign to shift talent away from work that doesn’t drive the outcomes you want.

Zero-based spend (ZBS)

Identify General & Administration (G&A) with an unprecedented level of granularity to make bold choices that free up cash for growth initiatives.

Zero-based supply chain (ZBSC)

Pinpoint the “should cost” of goods sold based on price, performance and value engineering, then optimize products and services accordingly.


The chemistry behind cost transformation

What we think

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Accenture outlines the impact of inflation on business and how leaders can survive and thrive through a high inflation environment.

Meet our lead

“ZBT has never been more relevant than it is today. Cost transformation is not just about cutting costs – it’s also about growth. ZBT helps to uncover the funds needed to fuel growth, innovate and differentiate.”

Robert Willems
Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Global Zero-Based Transformation (ZBT) Lead​

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