Growth Teams: The secret weapon for hyper-growth

As the world emerges from more than a year of COVID-19 lockdown, there’s light on the horizon. Multiple indicators point to 2021 being a year of strong growth. And for some businesses, Growth Teams – the subject of this four-part series – will play a crucial role. They have already proved their worth, propelling some of the world’s most disruptive companies to unprecedented success. And we believe, these dedicated Growth Teams merit a closer look by all companies.

This four-part series will provide a unique perspective on Growth Teams and how they have underpinned the growth of many of the world’s largest technology companies. We’ll show how disruptors have structured their Growth Teams and the tactical guidance that others can draw from their example.

Although Growth Teams are a must-have capability for digitally native companies, many are still not using them to their full potential. But they’re also a crucial function for those seeking to transform into platform businesses. In this series, we’ll cover both angles.


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