In brief

In brief

  • Growth in TV and Video is shifting to digital business-to-consumer, with a focus on product as a driver of customer experience and growth.
  • Bringing TV to Life 9: Smashing silos focuses on new ways of working to drive product innovation with speed, agility and impact.
  • It offers pragmatic guidance on how to bring down functional silos and reinvigorate organizations to build better products that drive business value.

In pursuit of product innovation

Radical shifts in the TV and Video industry are having a profound impact on products—whether that’s a physical device, a service or a channel—and how they shape the customer experience and deliver growth.

Rather than simply adding new product features, companies need to think more broadly about product innovation to drive consumer engagement. That means bringing together product, engineering, commercial and ecosystem perspectives to every business challenge to create highly engaging products that can unlock value, drive usage, increase customer lifetime value and reduce cost to serve. To do that requires changing the culture and how the business works together.

In Bringing TV to Life 9: Smashing silos, we describe the practical steps that companies can take to bring down the silos to deliver innovation at pace and scale, harnessing a data-driven approach to create products that delight and engage consumers and drive business growth.


Use a value tree to focus investments and reduce waste


Define a product strategy that balances consumer trust with monetization


Establish identities and profiles to customize services and the experience


Treat product as a consumer channel and use it to unlock value

Platform thinking

Use platform services for more efficient product development

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A new way to build products

A far-reaching innovation framework is required to unlock value—reigniting growth in core services, and driving new digital businesses.

Product. Commercial. Customer Experience. Engineering. Culture. Ecosystem.

A broad innovation framework unlocks greater value

Let’s make some money

Product and commercial teams must work together to understand and prioritize the product features that drive customer lifetime value. And to do that they harness data—and lots of it. But to gather data on individual users requires a trusted relationship between operator and consumer.

Do the right thing

If it’s not focused on the right things, engineering investment is easily wasted. The solution? Prioritizing efficiency and effectiveness. To achieve efficiency companies must prioritize engineering work according to the business value it delivers. Successful players drive visibility of benefit cases and check ultimate benefit realization. To ensure effectiveness, companies must measure the ultimate outcome of investment in terms of revenue, engagement and data capture.

It’s a big world out there

Product can provide the engine to power an ecosystem. Sharing data and capabilities with the right partners can create valuable opportunities to sell new services to clearly defined customer segments. They can use the power of product engagement to expand the business into new areas, creating a multi-sided platform that supports B2C and B2B business.

One team to rule them all

Successful video businesses of the future will think digitally, everywhere. They need to break down the silos between technology, operations and product and instead build multidisciplinary teams focused on delivering value. A data-driven culture must spread across the whole organization, with the right metrics in place to reinforce and incentivize digital ways of working.

About the Authors

James Weeks

Senior Manager – Communications & Media

Gino Galassi

Senior Technology Executive

Claudia Caldera

Managing Director – Communications, Media & Technology, Accenture

John Giubileo

Senior Technology Executive

Christopher Eich

Research Manager


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