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Sustainable technology


Sustainability powered by technology

The twofold imperative


Enabling sustainable technology

Challenges to overcome

Raising awareness

While sustainability is an important issue, many leaders could better understand their organization’s technology footprint.

Landing impact

Companies are using technology to power their sustainability efforts but can struggle to scale their efforts.

Re-calibrating value

Many feel there is a ‘green premium’ for sustainability. We must look beyond short-term cost to the huge rewards to be won.

Why Accenture

Uniting technology and sustainability

Learn how to develop an effective sustainable technology strategy that helps drive business growth and ESG performance.

How Accenture can help

Sustainability in technology

We help companies to take technological and managerial measures that radically reduce the negative impact of companies’ technology footprints.

Sustainability by technology

We create digital technologies that reduce the negative impact of companies by enabling sustainability use cases and organizational capabilities.

Sustainability at scale

We help our clients collaborate with strategic partners to raise the bar and support market demand for responsible economies.

In the spotlight

The green behind the cloud

Accenture shares the different levels of ambition that organizations can expect as they begin their journey toward a sustainable cloud.

Why we’re on the cusp of a new era of carbon-efficient software

Read more about how green software enables technology sustainability and the work we do with Green Software Foundation to enable a lower-carbon future.

Sustainable data: In pursuit of net zero

Read on to understand what role efficient data storage can play in helping achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

How green is your software?

Find out how your company can have a head start in achieving sustainability by including software in your efforts.

Our sustainable partnerships

Enabling social entrepreneurs for societal impact

The power to change - The role of the ICT sector

Our leaders

Stephanie Jamison

Global Resources Industry Practice Chair and Global Sustainability Services Lead

Sanjay Podder

Managing Director and Global Lead, Technology Sustainability Innovation