Customer-centric supply chain transformation

Today’s customers expect more. A customer-centric supply chain is the key to unlocking differentiated service offerings that drive revenue growth.

Put customers at the center

Future competitive advantage and growth will rest on supply chains that can deliver innovative and hyper-personalized products, services and experiences.

As consumer attention shifts rapidly toward services and experiences, customers expect companies to provide a more holistic package around the product. Supply chains play a crucial role in delivering these value-driven customer experiences.

For Chief Supply Chain Officers, making this happen is a highly complex endeavor. They need to adopt new supply chain strategies that put the customer at the center of everything they do.

Accenture research shows 10% of companies stand out above their peers. The report lays out four actions that set them apart.

Create true customer-centricity

How do you create a customer-centric supply chain? You need to rethink its design from the ground up, using five key building blocks to enable a relentless focus on customer needs.


Use data as an insight generation engine for new products and services designed around the customer.


Configure the supply chain into an asset-light ecosystem that delivers customer experiences in unique microsegments.


Connect with external parties for real-time end-to-end visibility and integrated planning and execution.


Build a service-oriented operating model that leverages a hybrid workforce to deliver customer experiences.


Optimize day-to-day operations using analytics, performance monitoring and continuous innovation.

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Intelligent, customer-centered supply chains have never been more important not just to the bottom line, but to the world at large.

Accelerate the value with Accenture

Unlike traditional slow-burn transformations, Accenture can help your organization ensure a cash-positive journey to customer-centricity by identifying targeted cash flow and commercial interventions that accelerate value.


Increase revenue through value-added customer-centered services, improved availability and fewer lost sales.


Boost profit early by reducing costs and enhancing working capital efficiency through targeted interventions.


Enhance stakeholder trust with net-zero emissions targets, counterfeiting preventions, and other sustainable supply chain initiatives.

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2-3-4 approach

Let Accenture help you drive an intelligent supply chain transformation that ensures the organization can make customer needs its undisputed center of attention.


Engage in a two-hour C-level conversation on the vision for a customer-centric supply chain powered by digital architecture.


Join a three-day virtual experience workshop to build out the vision, identify the size of the prize and scope out the roadmap.


Kick-start a four-month program to validate the vision, identify the capabilities needed, develop the business case and define the detailed roadmap.

Key offerings

As a leader in supply chain and operations, Accenture offers a range of best-in-class services to support a customer-centric supply chain transformation.

Supply chain end-to-end transformation

Build an intelligent, customer centered supply chain and transform your operations end-to-end. Read more.

Supply chain technology transformation

Transform your supply chain architecture into an enabler of profitable growth, with a digital core and advanced platforms. Read more.

Supply chain operating model transformation

Unlock your human potential and restructure the organization and its culture to support growth. Read more.

Supply chain managed services

Run, scale, and optimize supply chains that adapt to customer expectations and business opportunities. Read more.

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