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Production & Operations X

Digital technologies and the rise of global networks have made manufacturing unrecognizable from even a generation ago and are accelerating and streamlining the entire product manufacturing value chain, from R&D through production and on to customer delivery and support.

Manufacturers are under pressure to fill orders quickly while cutting costs and achieving a high standard of quality. While each company and industry are unique, common characteristics are shaping their new manufacturing requirements, including:

  • The rise of global manufacturing networks and capabilities driven by demanding customers.
  • A functionality-shift from hardware to software and IoT that is accelerating time to market.
  • The need to optimize and manage physical networks to increase flexibility and reduce operating costs.
  • The importance of supporting end-to-end Manufacturing Operations Management to improve quality and controls.

What we do

Transform responsiveness

Combine new ways of working with real-time analytics and insights from across the value chain to respond more flexibly to market demands.

Reduce operating costs

Optimize use of equipment, labor and layout to drive flexibility and enhance forecasting and scheduling.

Increase product quality

Apply new digital technologies supporting end-to-end Manufacturing Operations Management to increase quality and ultimately profitability.

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Industry X Innovation Network

Combining startup thinking with rapid prototyping, delivery and ramp-up capabilities to make great ideas a reality—at speed and at scale.

With the brightest minds, newest technologies and deep industry expertise co-located in an immersive innovation space, we help companies tap into the creative energy of advanced technologies to drive ongoing digital transformation, new growth and heightened customer experiences.

Whether the goal is transforming operations, reinventing products, improving customer and worker experiences, or realizing new business models, our IX Innovation Centers are the ideal place to explore new business opportunities—and make them real.

Accenture's Global Industry X Innovation Network

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How we do it

Manufacturing strategy

Build customized strategies that drive operational excellence through manufacturing operations to meet cost and quality objectives.

Manufacturing operations management

Blend advanced manufacturing concepts with deep Manufacturing Execution System experience, to streamline costs and transform performance.

Smart manufacturing & analytics

Turn production data into insight-driven decisions, comparing outcomes to industry leading benchmarks to drive efficiencies on the shop floor.

Quality & continuous improvement

Automate processes, through robotic process automation and digital technologies, to reduce operating costs and enhance quality management.

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What we think

Within three years, 75% of global executives aim to have digital thread content in their organizations. Here’s a guide to successful adoption

Experts Eric Schaeffer & David Sovie packed years of manufacturing expertise into their book, discussing how products get smarter and more connected.

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Explore our core themes

High Tech Industry X

Reinvent product and service value chains to bring new levels of business agility and efficiency.

Engineering X

Drive innovation and growth with modern engineering practices.

Service Operations X

Capture the opportunity to transform into “as a service” businesses.

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