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See how digital changes can help turn back climate changes

Call for change

Climeworks: The fight against global warming goes digital


See every side of how Accenture is helping their partners embrace change.

When tech meets human ingenuity

"When we partnered with Climeworks in 2018, they were beginning to scale and we hoped they would let us support them in their journey to grow - because we believe in their mission. It turned out that we can help them with many interesting digital capabilities including engineering expertise. I am looking forward to continue our great partnership and help making Climeworks even more successful – for us and the next generation."

— STÉPHANE PIQUÉ, Industry X Lead Switzerland

Learn more about how you can enable Climeworks to remove CO2.

A valuable difference


Orca plant in Iceland will capture 4000 tons of CO2 each year to store them safely and permanently deep underground through natural mineralization.

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