Accenture + IBM

Helping our clients digitally transform their systems with new strategies and industry solutions to drive innovation and growth in the digital era.

Our partnership with IBM

Accenture is the world's largest systems integrator of IBM technology and an IBM platinum level business partner.

We aim to improve our clients’ overall businesses, using technology to increase their competitive advantage.

We are innovators that participate in IBM product development beta programs—ensuring we have the insight to guide our clients toward a sustainable solution that uses the right technology and is skillfully delivered.

We co-create with our clients to design solutions that people love, with cutting-edge technology services that are competitively priced.

Accenture + IBM

Delivering value to our clients

Accenture and IBM have a joint investment program where we collaborate to:

Design and deliver innovative solutions that best meet the needs of our clients.

Invest in our people to develop their skills.

Build estimators and project delivery tools to deliver with better predictability.

Invest in accelerators that reduce time and cost to market.

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Accenture offers end-to-end support on all IBM technologies; everything from legacy migration and data modernization to innovating with hybrid cloud technologies.

Modernization with IBM Cloud

Migrate on-premise apps to the cloud: improve agility, speed to market, and security with app modernization, modern mainframe, and data modernization.


Using natural language processing and machine learning to reveal meaningful insights from unstructured data.

Quantum computing

This progressive partnership between Accenture and IBM explores the fundamental and applied applications of this bleeding-edge technology.


Moving of data from legacy mainframe databases to modern platforms enables business agility so enterprises can better compete in the digital age.

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IBM Studios

An innovative hub for rapid prototyping, Accenture IBM Studios build innovative solutions with speed and agility to help our clients transform their ideas into working prototypes within a few weeks.


Accenture IBM Cloud Studios


Accenture Watson Studios

Expertise in numbers

Our partnership delivers the best of IBM technologies with Accenture’s unparalleled breadth and depth of talent, resources and experience.


Accenture practitioners with IBM technology skills


IBM certifications held across Accenture


Unique client projects supported every year


years of global business partnership, making Accenture a platinum level IBM business partner


global centers focused on IBM technology; 5 are IBM Studio locations


Accenture is the world's largest systems integrator of IBM technology

Committed to open innovation

Accenture + Red Hat

One of Red Hat’s most strategic, experienced, and successful implementation partners, Accenture brings business smarts, deep industry experience, and proven technology to deliver creative, industry-specific, scalable solutions.


What we think

Learn how to capture the value of cloud and deliver more value to the business.

Tech strategies for innovation and growth.

Hybrid cloud and open source technology are essential components of enterprise transformation.

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Case studies

Our virtual assistant supports job seekers with various disabilities to digitally register for jobs in an easy, engaging, and accessible manner.

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