In brief

In brief

  • Accenture recently conducted a research among global high-tech companies on the industry’s readiness for, and adoption of, the Digital Thread.
  • Within three years, 75 percent global executives aim to have the Digital Thread managing supplier/partner content and IP enterprise-wide.
  • Three keys to advance Digital Thread success are: Embrace upstream & downstream connections, weave disparate functions and remove technology barriers.


As the world becomes increasingly digital, high-tech companies face a new reality: The speed of innovation is greater than it’s ever been, the time between development cycles continues to shrink and customer expectations continuously rise. Only by becoming more data-driven in their decisions can high-tech companies become more responsive to their customers’ needs, deliver new digital experiences and increase operational efficiency. To make this happen, high-tech companies must master the Digital Thread–the flow of data that runs through all the organizations and contexts with which a product/service interacts.

Accenture recently completed a research among global high-tech companies, aiming to understand the industry’s readiness for, and adoption of, the Digital Thread. Learn more about what we discovered, and why these findings are so important to high-tech companies today.

To obtain full value from the Digital Thread, leaders need to take a broad view. Because the benefits of the Digital Thread are enterprise-wide, this should be a strategic, company-wide priority, requiring C-level executive sponsorship.

Weave together disparate functions for a holistic business-led approach


say that benefits being distributed among many departments is a top challenge.


say there is difficulty proving the business case or ROI.


share ownership of the Digital Thread across business and IT.


expect IT to own and maintain the Digital Thread.

Accenture’s Digital Thread & Digital Twin Strategies

Accenture’s end-to-end Digital Thread & Digital Twin strategies outline a path to greater growth and cost efficiency through digital connections. See more.

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