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Responsible Citizen

Accenture’s Sustainability Value Promise

We are making sustainability a force for change

Creating 360° Value

Our response to COVID-19

Supporting communities impacted by COVID-19

Skills to Succeed

Providing employment and entrepreneurship opportunities

Accenture Development Partnerships

Addressing complex issues around the world


Using technology to build a more sustainable world

Social Innovators

Tackling challenges facing society and the planet with our clients

Creating a more inclusive and equitable future

Responsible Citizen

Our societal response to COVID-19

We continue to step up to support those most impacted by the pandemic. Read more.

Skills to Succeed

We provide employment and entrepreneurship opportunities alongside our partners. Read more.

Accenture Development Partnerships

We are addressing complex social, economic and environmental issues around the world. Read more.


We’re bringing together social and technology innovators, using exponential technologies to build a more inclusive and sustainable world. Read more.

Social Innovators

We are tackling the complex challenges facing society and the planet with our clients. Read more.


Our people offer their time and skills to make a difference while growing in their careers.

Eradicating human trafficking

Responsible Company

Stories about our clients, communities and people

More about sustainability

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