Corporate Citizenship

This is the decade of delivering on the promise of digital and technology—a time to redefine growth and work in new ways.

Societal Response to COVID-19

Learn how we are helping our clients, partners and communities meet the challenges of COVID-19.

Leading in responsible business

Today’s rapid acceleration to digital presents us with a breakthrough opportunity to create a better future for all. We embed responsible business into everything we do—from how we service our clients as well as how we operate as a responsible business.

We are continually innovating to find new ways to put individuals at the center of what we do and are using our expertise to build a more-inclusive future in which everyone can thrive.

Delivering shared success

The time for increased commitment and action is now, and SDG Ambition is a bold and practical response to this timely and urgent call to action.

Julie Sweet

Chief Executive Officer

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Talent & Organization / Human Potential

Young leaders discuss responsible leadership.
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Innovating for social impact

In 2015, we set a goal to equip more than 3 million people by 2020 with the skills to get a job or build a business. In 2019, we surpassed that mark, reaching nearly 3.6 million people.


Focusing on the environment

Over the last decade, we’ve continually set bigger and bolder environment goals for ourselves—always innovating our approach to sustainability. We’re proud to announce that we’re moving to the next level with three additional, industry-leading goals.


Achieve net-zero emissions by 2025

We’ll focus first on actual reductions in our emissions and will invest in nature-based solutions that will remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Move to zero waste

By 2025, we’ll reuse or recycle all our e-waste and office furniture. We’re committed to eliminating single-use plastics in our locations post-COVID.

Plan for water risk

By 2025, we’ll develop plans to reduce the impact of flooding, drought and water scarcity on our business and our people in high-risk areas.

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Creating a truly inclusive workplace

We equip our people with leading-edge technologies, opportunities for continuous learning and a supportive global community, so they can solve the most challenging problems in an evolving world of work.


Supporting mental health and well-being

To break the stigma surrounding mental wellness, we created Thriving Mind—a holistic well-being program for our people developed in partnership with Stanford Medicine and Thrive Global.

Creating a barrier-free workplace

Our Accessibility Center of Excellence and new Adjustment Request Tool reduces barriers to accessibility and enables our people with disabilities to succeed at work.

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Developing a responsible supply chain

We work with our suppliers to advance key priorities—including environmental sustainability, human rights, inclusion, diversity and social innovation—while advancing our partnerships with suppliers and forging greater engagement and collaboration.

As a result, we can lower barriers for smaller and more diverse suppliers, promote shared values and cultivate a culture of responsible buying.


Living our core values

At Accenture, how we achieve success is as important as success itself.

Our governance structure, Leadership Essentials, well-defined Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Counts program are all designed to help ensure that our people live our core values.


Partnering with the UN Global Compact SDG Ambition

In January 2020, we announced SDG Ambition, our partnership with the UNGC and SAP, to challenge and support companies in integrating the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their core business and make shared success a reality.

Integrating the UN SDGs into our core business will help solve critical challenges in health, human rights, inclusion and environmental sustainability as well as unleash innovation that will create enduring value for all our stakeholders.

Learn more about our analysis of the SDGs, identifying the four highest-priority SDGs and 10 supporting key targets where we believe we can make the most significant contributions from our operations in our Corporate Citizenship Report.

Photo at right: Accenture CEO Julie Sweet joins Lise Kingo, CEO and Executive Director of the UN Global Compact, and Jennifer Morgan, co-CEO of SAP, to announce SDG Ambition.

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Building a future of shared success
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