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High tech's great Gen AI opportunity

Learn and lead at the same time.


December 1, 2023

In brief

  • High tech companies have a uniquely powerful and challenging dual role to play in the field of generative AI.

  • As Gen AI adopters they’ll put generative AI to work in their own organizations, becoming the poster child for selling their own innovation to others.

  • As enablers, they’ll help create and orchestrate the ecosystem required to bring tailored solutions to their customers, fast and at scale.

High tech companies must learn and lead in the Gen AI transformation

Generative AI exploded into popular awareness at the start of 2023 with Open AI’s Chat GPT. Now it’s everywhere. For high tech companies, generative AI presents a hugely exciting opportunity as well as a very challenging set of demands. Uniquely, compared with other industries, high tech is tasked with not only generative AI adoption in its own operations, it’s also got a central role in enabling others to take advantage.

Getting these dual roles of enabler and adopter right is essential, but far from easy. As high tech companies work to succeed in both, what will they need to focus on?


of high tech CxOs are interested in exploring the potential use of applications like ChatGPT for tasks such as natural language processing, text generation and customer service automation

High tech companies have the unique opportunity to not only adopt Gen AI for its own operations, they also have a central role in enabling others to take advantage of it.

Adopt Gen AI: Be the change you want to see

Generative AI adoption within their organization is the best way for high tech companies to demonstrate what the technology can do. That could range from relatively straightforward applications, such as enhancing the work that they already do, to the more complex tasks of launching new products or services, while developing new business models and building as-a-Service capabilities.

Gen AI offers multiple opportunities for high tech companies to transform their operations, from sales and marketing to Human Resources. It can create positive change right across the value chain all the way from designing products to the customer experience they deliver.

Value chain transformation: Six areas of opportunity
Value chain transformation: Six areas of opportunity

Value chain transformation: Six areas of opportunity

Enable Gen AI: Collaborate more than ever

High tech companies can enable generative AI’s potential with offerings that facilitate the execution of great ideas. But realizing the advances from generative AI development is not a solo pursuit. It’s a team sport. High tech companies will need to assemble the ecosystem(s) of partners–from funding and raw materials through to infrastructure and more – that’s going to be essential for now, and for the future. We’re already seeing these come together.

The UXL Foundation, for example, including Intel, Qualcomm and Google, has assembled an open ecosystem to accelerate AI workloads. Collaboration is going to be a crucial behavior from now on.

Whatever you do, remember it’s ‘people first’

How people use generative AI is essential across enabler and adopter roles. Making it accessible, trustworthy and driven by what people need is essential. So is a commitment to Responsible AI and then some, maintaining dialogue with regulators and governments to keep pace with a rapidly forming landscape of rules, laws and expectations.

Gen AI has to be built with a people-first perspective too. That means using people’s input to continuously refine and improve.

Lead the generative AI revolution

High tech can become a leader of the generative AI transformation. The industry is uniquely placed to be both the driving force behind its adoption and the global compute infrastructure on which the future is being built today.

We’re heading into a new era that’s set to power huge advances in growth and productivity. With a deliberate strategy built on generative AI adoption and development, high tech companies will lead the way.

Five imperatives for the age of generative AI


Lead with value


Understand and develop an AI-enabled, secure digital core


Reinvent talent and ways of working


Close the gap on responsible AI


Drive continuous reinvention


Padampreet Singh

Managing Director Global Data & AI Lead for High Tech Industry

Harmandeep Ahuja

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Technology Strategy & Advisory

Harish Natarahjan

Senior Manager – High-Tech

Matthew Haggerty

Manager – Research, High Tech Lead