The Wise Pivot for Malaysia

Change has come and is accelerating. For Malaysia, many will say, much more needs to happen, faster.

The big question is, what will guide us in the midst of change?

What should Malaysia look like in the future? And let’s ask this question, not while thinking of a future Malaysia for us, but for the next generation. How will they live, work, learn, play, shop or even travel?

For that generation, for a baby born today, on the threshold of adulthood at the age of 18, what kind of Malaysia will we want them to have? We have to start building that Malaysia NOW.

What will it take?

It will take courage. Courage to navigate the seas of change, to rethink every aspect of our lives and business. It will require wisdom to strike a balance between transforming and growing our core and scaling into the NEW while ensuring that the unlocked trapped value benefits not just your organisation, but improves the lives of Malaysians.

We call this the Wise Pivot, an approach that doesn’t fight the tide as much as it surfs the waves of disruption.

And we need to pivot NOW.

Malaysia Reimagined NOW | Azwan Baharuddin

Accenture's Azwan Baharuddin discusses the future of Malaysian need to reimagined now by following six key areas. See more.

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"Malaysians are ready for and want more digital elements in their lives. In fact, we are not doing enough digitally and that has an impact across our daily lives"

– AZWAN BAHARUDDIN, Country Managing Director Malaysia

Azwan Baharuddin

Country Managing Director – Accenture Malaysia


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