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We transform the way companies make things and the very things they make.

What is Industry X?

Industry X is about finding that special something that ensures the clients we work with are always future-ready. It’s about creating new products that are cloud-connected and delivering new services through platforms that customers love. It’s about using intelligence to make better manufacturing and operating decisions, enabling our clients to do more with less, drive savings to the bottom line, and keeping people safe. Once intelligence has been embedded across our clients’ product and operating value chain, opportunities are endless. These include scalable solutions across multi-site operations, true virtual digital twin models of live operations able to test new processes and create sustainable, economical solutions, servicing of products before they break down and new customer experiences.

Across Accenture we have some of the world’s most competent designers, engineers, technology specialists, consultants and operations professionals. We work quickly and collaboratively to tackle client challenges in multi-skilled teams. Because we work with business leaders at every stage of the product and operating value chain and bring deep specialty skills, we can talk with our clients and their teams as equals on the shop floor or in the research lab - something we believe is critical to creating winning solutions that work.

Welcome to Industry X

Intelligence changes, not just how we think, but industry itself and the very products it makes. Intelligence is Industry's X.

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Intelligence is the X

The future of product design, engineering, production, operations, and servicing is being transformed by intelligence. For the last decade, Accenture has led the way in helping apply digital solutions across the business enterprise. We are now using those skills and applying them to take all of these areas to the next level.

Embracing next-generation digital innovations

The world of technology is ever-changing. How do companies know that the technology they need today will still provide answers tomorrow? Embedded intelligence pairs artificial intelligence (AI) with analytics and machine learning to optimize software processes and produce data to help companies learn how to be more productive. When you can learn more about what you do and how you do it, then the why of the equation is more easily answered.
Companies have been working to create a single source of data—true digital threads across their entire operations. They are now beginning to achieve this, and in turn, enable true virtual digital twin replicas of their real-life operations, using them to design, monitor, analyze and simulate properties and performance. They make it possible to predict, test and develop new ways of working and new products for rollout without trade-offs and additional costs. This allows an organization to make the most relevant, resilient, and responsible decisions on how to do more with less and drive sustainable growth.
The world can no longer make and manufacture products in the same way that it was done. Organizations must become more responsible and we believe that intelligence has made this easier than ever before and reduced the need for trade-offs. We believe the move towards sustainability and intelligence will define the 5th Industrial Revolution. With digital thread capabilities that allow for the digitization of entire product and operating value chains, leaders can now find sustainable solutions that are also responsible, economical and relevant.

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Proactive thinking, extensive research and compelling stories of shared success across the world: you’ll find it all in our Industry X insights. Get the latest industry trends and solutions and find out more about our vision for the future.

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How Industry X drives change

Industry X leads digital transformation by focusing on Intelligent Products and Platforms and Digital Manufacturing and Operations. We use the power of software to make smart products more intelligent, while putting digital transformation at the core of manufacturing. Let’s take a closer look at both:

Intelligent Products & Platforms

Engineering and design with a new attitude—This is all about getting products customers will love to market quicker and cheaper. It may start with a complete rethink of how a company approaches new product development and engineering. It may require existing products to become cloud-connected, along with creating entirely new products and platforms to connect them for a global release. And it may mean looking at a current product portfolio and coming up with new services that can be scaled quickly to drive new revenues for a client.

Product-as-a-Service Enablement—Using products as the method for delivering new services and providing cloud-enabled product support at the point of need.

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Digital Manufacturing & Operations

The future of making things—This is all about digitizing entire manufacturing and plant operations not just in one location but simultaneously across many sites around the world. It’s about ensuring that large-scale infrastructure projects are delivered on time and on budget, it’s about looking holistically at operations using digital twin technology and driving scalable solutions that create significant savings on the cost of operating. It can also involve how workers and machines interact, how those employees can work more effectively in often challenging conditions, and it’s about embracing robotics and factory automation to boost safety and productivity.

Capital Projects—Ensuring large infrastructure, construction and engineering projects are delivered on time and on budget.

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Empowered by ecosystems

We all know the power of an extended team. Over many years, we have formed strong working relationships with our Industry X ecosystem of partners, all carefully chosen to create a network of thousands of specialists to strengthen your capabilities worldwide.

Case studies

We helped CNH Industrial with their application maintenance services transformation.

We provided Climeworks with a digital plant solution to refine and improve operations.

We partnered with Microsoft to migrate DuPont’s LIMS system to the company’s cloud.

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Industry X is arguably one of the most exiting areas to be working in today. Are you ready to use your ingenuity and the very latest technologies to make a positive impact on the world?

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