Digital technology is reinventing the overall work experience for all levels of employees including the leaders of organisations.

In the age of artificial intelligence (AI), business success will increasingly depend on people and machines collaborating with each other. AI will elevate people’s capabilities as workers help intelligent machines to learn and improve. This will not only drive efficiencies, but create new forms of growth and innovation. To succeed, organisations must reimagine work, pivot their workforce to new growth models and "new skill" their people to do more valuable work.

Reimagine work

Allocate work to people and machines, balancing augmentation and automation. Build project-based teams and map skills to new roles you create.

Pivot the workforce

Organise for agility to unlock new forms of value. Create flexible processes and manage the workforce to support both core and new business.

Scale up new skilling

Prioritise skills, balancing between technical, judgement and social abilities. Cater to willingness to learn and accelerate training with VR, AR and AI.

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Businesses are also waking up to a rich new source of growth: vast amounts of data on work and the workforce that have the power to unlock the true potential of their people. This new data can unleash higher levels of business performance—including greater agility, productivity and innovation—and can improve the lives of employees. Almost eight in every 10 business leaders we surveyed said using workforce data will help them grow their existing business.

Kalel Khusahry

Senior Manager, Lead – ASEAN Talent & Organisation, Resources, Accenture Consulting


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