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My Accenture Journey

It all started with the Melbourne Consulting Case Competition. Once I had a taste of it, I wanted more. Overall, the experience was bitter-sweet, just like the secret sauce of Accenture - a unique blend of challenging work and the best people to share the experience with.

I started in March 2012 with a project management office (PMO) role within the Resources industry. My role mostly involved reporting and resource management which required daily interaction with counterparts in India, Singapore and Australia. Now, I am based in Singapore, working on data conversion activities. Beyond the variety and the flexibility, the thing I treasure most in Accenture is the people.

The support system goes beyond lip service at Accenture. I work with colleagues who are professional, creative, always willing to go that extra mile and yet still manage to have fun. This holds true within my project team as well as the Technology Analyst Consulting Group, Business Unit Meeting and Kuala Lumpur Recreation Club events. That is the main message I like to share with the prospective analysts during the analyst sharing sessions.

Fun @ Accenture

Speaking of fun, Kuala Lumpur Recreation Club (KLRC) is the definition of corporate fun! I have always looked forward to the bi-weekly internal e-newsletter which features many of our company activities - Masterchef, Amazing Race, KLRC Olympics, among others. This year, I have also taken up the position as KLRC’s Assistant Secretary. It has certainly been a rewarding and inspiring journey so far.

Outside the Office

My many hobbies include:

  1. Food and Travel - I am a Kuala Lumpur baby but I stayed in Hong Kong for a few years as a child. As a result, I have always been spoilt with good food. I am not a great cook but I am always happy to go on a food adventure.

  2. Reading - A good weekend would be to curl up on my couch with a good book and a glass of wine. I grew up with Harry Potter and Archie Comics!

  3. Swimming and Soccer – I have always enjoyed being in the water, enjoying the cool breeze and the soothing sound of the ocean waves. I’m also an avid fan of the Arsenal Football Club, and frequently read The Offside blog about international football