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Intelligent Supply Chain for High Tech

Navigate disruption through digital supply chains

Stronger grounds

Supply chains must embrace technologies that help infuse resilience, forge stronger customer relationships, and build more responsible operations.

Mirrored world

Leading companies are unlocking new opportunities by building intelligent digital twins across their supply chain operations.

I, technologist

In a democratized technology, every supply chain employee is an innovator, optimizes work, and keeps the supply chain operations in step with change.

Anywhere, everywhere

Leaders must develop “bring your own environment” strategies, address cultural shifts, the physical space, and tap into a truly global talent pool.

From me to we

In the wake of Covid-19, supply chains can gain greater resilience and adaptability; new ways to market; and set new, ecosystem-forward standards.

The power of data, analytics and applied intelligence enable the intelligent supply chain. High tech companies need to adopt a new way of working, powered by digital.

Speed change with Intelligent Supply Chain

Intelligent Supply Chain and Operations:

What we do


Engage customers using data as an insight generation engine on new regulations and policies enabling “living” networks and outcompeting peers.


Design the supply chain into an asset-light ecosystem which can serve tailored customer needs in different segments.


Network with suppliers, external ecosystem partners and customers for real-time E2E visibility and integrated planning and speedy execution.


Deliver end-to-end value with a service-oriented operating model that leverages a hybrid workforce to deliver the customer experience.


Use data-driven decisioning to focus on creating customer value in daily operations using analytics, performance monitoring and continuous innovation.

How we do it

Keep customer at the center

Ensure a varied product proposition for different customer segments, utilizing every component of the value chain to derive consumer value.

Cater to new expectations

Meet the new value proposition with connected products and services, create multiple consumer touchpoints before and after the purchase.

Speed is key

Adapt to meet consumer needs, accelerate new products and services, forge partnerships for new capabilities and leverage tech for a pulse on consumers.

Differentiated innovation strategy

Operationalize segment-specific supply chain strategies, offer differentiated services and optimize costs and maximize total value.

Sustainable and responsible supply chain

Diversify the supply chain network to limit location dependencies and geopolitical risks and move to circular systems to reduce environmental impact.


Accenture & Microsoft create a scalable solution.

What we think


Our leaders

Syed Alam

Managing Director – High Tech, Global Lead

Steve Craen

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Supply Chain, Operations and Sustainability Strategy

Siddharth Gudal

Managing Director – Supply Chain, High Tech, North America

Alex Olea

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, High Tech

Jane Pan

Managing Director – Supply Chain & Operations, Greater China

Kensuke Inomata

Managing Director – Supply Chain & Operations, Japan