The Dock

Accenture’s flagship R&D and global innovation center. We make continuous innovation real, from idea to impact.

Business as usual isn’t good enough

In an era of disruption and seismic social change, we know the way the world has operated is no longer sustainable.

We’re a diverse team of 250+ cross-industry problem solvers bringing design, business and technology together to help solve some of the most complex problems facing our clients’ industries today.

We’re united by a shared purpose - to do good for business and society. We collaborate with powerful ecosystems of world-class companies and trailblazing start-ups to create new ways to fulfil human needs using emerging technology.

We use R&D to grow your business

From Financial Services to Public Services, we innovate for all industries. Focusing on the most challenging problems facing your business, we find new ways to drive growth today and prepare for what comes next.

Our latest work includes:

Accelerating growth opportunities

By creating new efficiencies in clinical trials using AI, we’re showing one client the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

Incubating new products and services

Using digital technologies to develop innovative products and services for the retail industry, we’re strengthening their competitive position.

Shaping the future of industry

We’re exploring the next giant leap for our clients – whether it’s applying astronautics to data security, or enhancing human-machine collaboration.

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What we’re made of

With The Dock, you’ll find everything needed to make innovation real. Collaborating across multiple disciplines, our teams comprise experts across business, social sciences, design, engineering, artificial intelligence and emerging technology.

Co-creation & Incubation

Multi-disciplinary teams help clients identify and test opportunities for innovation, then rapidly prototype and deliver new IP, products and services.

Fjord Design

At the intersection of human-centered design and emerging tech, our problem solvers are pioneering new ways to improve human life and experience.

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

We combine data, analytics and artificial intelligence to solve client challenges and push the limits of what’s possible.

Technology & Engineering

We’re masters of the latest skills, tools and methods now transforming businesses, such as software engineering, DevSecOps, IOT and AI enablement.

Accenture Labs

Accenture Labs are at the forefront of AI in the marketplace. Our R&D work is advancing Machine Learning and intelligent Human-Machine collaboration.

The Human Sciences Studio

We research and apply expertise in social science, arts and humanities to equip clients for shifting relationships between business, tech and society.

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Innovation in action

Recent work from The Dock: Transparency in the fashion supply chain

Sustainability is an urgent industry goal but the fashion industry isn’t following the trend. It produces 150 billion garments each year, most of which end up as waste, and it consumes more energy than aviation and shipping combined.

The Dock wanted to examine how technology could transform transparency and traceability across the clothing supply chain. We spoke to 21 companies, with combined revenues topping US$140 billion, to explore the vast complexity of their supply chains and how technology can help make them sustainable.

We found increased consumer awareness of sustainability, improving industry standards and more ethical brand practices. However, for sustainability to become a reality, we found that organizations need strong leadership, the industry needs to collaborate, and it needs to become a pre-competitive priority.


What we think

Latest research from The Dock

An in-depth ethnographic study reveals unique opportunities around the future workforce.

Our research explores how organizations can truly deliver on the promise of ethical AI.

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Forrester wave: Innovation consulting services

Accenture named an innovation consulting leader

Join the team

The Dock’s team of multidisciplinary innovators are defined by the breadth and depth of their skills, collaborating across business, social science, design, engineering, artificial intelligence and emerging technology.

Watch the video to see just one of our teams, in Artificial Intelligence, at work.

If you’d like to be in this company, see our available roles now. Together, we can create new ways to fulfill human needs using emerging technology.


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