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Enabling change for persons with disabilities

All of our people play a part in delivering on the promise of technology and human ingenuity. That’s why we create an inclusive and accessible workplace for everyone to thrive.

AI for disability inclusion

78% of Executives believe their organizations will be able to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to address barriers to disability inclusion over the next three years, yet just 32% report that they have inclusive design principles in place to support the development of fair and unbiased AI solutions.

Our new report, AI for disability inclusion | Enabling change with advanced technology  reveals how ethically designing, developing and using AI can unlock the incredible potential of talent with disabilities, while helping all workers thrive. The report provides foundational steps employers, academics, regulators, policymakers, investors and developers can take to leverage AI’s potential as an enabler of change for disability inclusion.

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AI for disability inclusion: Enabling change with advanced technology

Disability inclusion is really personal for me, and I am proud of the work we are doing at Accenture. We set goals, have an action plan and are measuring our progress. But we also have much more to do.

Julie Sweet

Chief Executive Officer

Celebrating our people

How we’re driving technology accessibility in the workplace

Stephen Cutchins, Accenture Federal Services Accessibility Lead

How autism helps propel my blockchain career forward

Christine Leong, Managing Director, Blockchain MPS Digital Identity Lead

Seeing opportunities through visual impairment

Ike Tallerine and Tom Lounibos

Career advice

Career advice for people with disabilities

The impact of technology

The impact of technology on disability inclusion

Why disability inclusion is important

The importance of disability inclusion

Working with a person with a disability

Tips on working with persons with disabilities

The true value of inclusion

We know that behind every great change is a great person. And that the more inclusive an organization is, the more successful it becomes.

That’s why we are constantly enabling change so everyone can contribute equally. Our people with disabilities have access to the latest technology, tools and training to create a barrier-free workplace, supported by over 36,000 Persons with Disabilities Champions in 52 countries.

We believe in the power of inclusion: to change lives, to create better results… and to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity.

Breaking down barriers

At Accenture we are enabling change for disability inclusion.

Creating a barrier-free workplace

Our Accessibility Centers and Adjustment Request Tool reduce barriers to accessibility and enable our people with disabilities to succeed.

Delivering career growth

Abilities Unleashed is a leadership development program for those with disabilities and those who champion disability inclusion.

The Accessibility Advantage: Innovating for our clients

Read our report The Accessibility Advantage to see how accessibility awareness and inclusivity not only support workplace equality but are often correlated with growth and profitability.

Tech and human ingenuity: a powerful combination

Read Accenture’s Chief Information Officer, Penelope Prett’s blog and see how we are bringing together technology and human ingenuity to bridge the divide for persons with disabilities.

Enabling Change: Getting to Equal 2020

Include employees with disabilities; unlock growth

Accenture Federal Services Accessibility Lead, Stephen Cutchins discusses how our Global IT Accessibility practice helps all employees feel that they belong, personally and professionally, and contribute to a culture of equality. Read more.

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Driving the accessibility advantage with technology

Accenture believes that enterprises have a powerful role to play in ensuring technology enables people with disabilities.

Discover our approach to accessibility and meet the team that are innovating to deliver technology accessibility.

Watch the video to hear from our IT team in Madrid and discover how Accenture is working to enable every employee to fully interact with technology regardless of their disability.


Enabling Technology Accessibility at Accenture

See how Accenture is working to enable every single employee to interact with technology that is accessible regardless of anyone’s functional diversity.

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